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Waffle Towels Reviews

645 Reviews

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Love the color. Soft and

Love the color. Soft and absorbent.

Linda B. - Verified Buyer


Sylvia S. - Verified Buyer
Waffle towels

They're great.

Skippy V. - Verified Buyer
Husband loves it!

Got a waffle towel for my husband and he loves it!!

Rebecca W. - Verified Buyer

I love the waffle texture. It brings a touch of luxury to my bathroom! I can't wait to purchase more

Aubrey B. - Verified Buyer
Waffle Towels

I love these beautiful towels They are so soft and fast drying.

Shannon S. - Verified Buyer

Quite a difference from the old Turkish. Soft and sufficiently absorbent.

Michael F. - Verified Buyer
Comfy and functional!

Comfy and functional!

Jennifer S. - Verified Buyer
So weird and wonderful!

I have FINALLY found a towel that does not smell of mildew way too soon. I'm so impressed! They do not look like regular towels. Rather, they look more like gigantic dish towels. In a good way, to my mind. They hang on the rack like an over-sized shawl. If this is what quality, quick drying non-mildew towels look like, them I'm all for it. They are super soft and absorbent, like amazingly so, yet they feel thin. Whatever, I'm sold.

Litsa B. - Verified Buyer
Waffle Towels

I have added a few waffle towels, bath size and hand size, to my longtime collection of terry cloth towels. I find myself reaching for the waffle towels more often than terry. They dry faster, and they are large, soft, and flexible. I like the way they give my bathrooms a new look. I will surely be buying more, maybe when some new colors are offered.

Carol B. - Verified Buyer