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Pinstripe Percale Top Sheet Reviews

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crisp, soft, beautiful

crisp, soft, beautiful

Margaret C. - Verified Buyer
very comfortable

very comfortable

Tracy P. - Verified Buyer
Top top sheet!

Great crisp feel. Love the generous size. Thanks for a truly perfect sheet. Pairs beautifully with the matching cases and fitted sheet, and completes the full Parachute bed that's topped by a fresh comforter cover. Refilling my wallet to buy more.

Cindy K. - Verified Buyer
As nice as the BEST hotel!

One of my great pleasures when travelling is when I sink into a terrific hotel bed. With these sheets from Parachute I feel like I've got a whole staff working to make me feel pampered.

Renee B. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets I have ever purchased

The sheets are so soft and strong. I have tried many different sheets for years and these are by far the best!

Sadhna B. - Verified Buyer

Lovely cotton sheets that make for a wonderful sleep. The only minor issue is the top sheet we added. We have a King bed and the top sheet also fits a Cal King. This leaves an over abundance of sheet to tuck under the mattress. We may not use the top sheet often for this reason. Otherwise love our new sheets.

Ryan C. - Verified Buyer
Pretty much my favorite sheets. Pillowcase, not so much.

Just like when you're at a hotel and the sheets are crisp! They feel totally different than any sheets I've had in the past, and I LOVE them! Wish the pillowcases had french envelope closure instead of the simple overlap on the they are you can really only sleep on one side of them. :/

Laura S. - Verified Buyer
Pinstripe Percale Top Sheets

These sheets are very soft after two washings. However, I find that I’m needing to iron them each time. I absolutely love how that pillowcases open at the back center, so as the pillows don’t work their way out the end like traditional pillowcases.

Cindy O. - Verified Buyer
very comfy sheet set

I have used my new Percale sheets once so far and enjoyed the comfort. They still have that new feeling so curious to see how they break in. I love the tucked pillow concept but had a little hiccup with keeping the pillow in the case. Pillow cases I had in Europe had the opening offset to one side, not sure if that would help or not.

David P. - Verified Buyer
Sheets are wonderful - quality control is a little off.

We ordered a percale fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow cases. They feel wonderful and look as good as we had hoped. However, on the third night, my wife noticed that stitching along the top hem was “off” and that it had not tacked down that area of the sheet. Big deal? No. Could we fix it? Yes. Was it worth returning the sheet? No. It was a disappointing outcome, hence four stars, not five.

Edward L. - Verified Buyer