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Down Side Sleeper Pillow

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Break the wake, flip and fluff cycle of side sleeping on a regular pillow. Our medium-density side sleeper pillow offers unparalleled support and perfect plushness. Meticulously designed with a 3.5 inch gusset to take the strain off your neck and shoulders while you rest, and stuffed with our lofty and luxurious European white down for a deluxe sleep experience.

If you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, try one of our classic down pillows.

Meet Our Pillows


Ideal for: Stomach sleepers and those looking for a lighter, squishier pillow.

How it looks: Has a supremely soft appearance with a sunken plushness.

Fill content: 85% down clusters, 15% down and feather fibers.


Ideal for: Back sleepers or anyone who needs a little head support – such as those with a softer mattress or narrower shoulders. 

How it looks: Has a soft appearance with a medium amount of loft and fluffiness.

Fill content: 85% down clusters, 15% down and feather fibers.

Side Sleeper

Ideal for: You guessed it – side sleepers looking for more structure and improved alignment. 

How it looks: A three inch gusset gives this pillow a fuller, more boxy appearance.

Fill content: 85% down clusters, 15% down and feather fibers.


Ideal for: Back sleepers or anyone looking for our highest level of support – such as those with a firm mattress or broader shoulders.

How it looks: Has a fluffy and supportive appearance with a lot of loft..

Fill content: 85% down clusters, 15% down and feather fibers.


About once per week or every time you change your sheets, we recommend that you shake out your pillows and fluff them up. Fluffing keeps the fill evenly distributed throughout, and loosens any debris on the outside before it can work its way into the middle.


Read 545 Reviews
  • Down side sleeper pillow

    Love the pillows! Provide the right amount of neck support with the softness of down! No feathers poking through. Have had neck pain ... 

    Julie K. - Verified Buyer
  • love them

    love them

    Veronica N. - Verified Buyer
  • Absolutely Perfect

    Beautiful quality that did not disappoint. Im so happy i got two.

    lexxipie - Verified Buyer
  • Perfect Pillow

    I have tried many down pillows over the years. This is the absolute best pillow I ever had! Thanks to the gusset and the small amount ... 

    Robin P. - Verified Buyer
  • Down pillows

    My old down pillows were stolen in a house robbery and I did try a lot of different pillows that didn’t work out. Now I can finally ... 

    Jim T. - Verified Buyer
  • Great pillow

    Soft, comfy and just what I hoped fir!

    Janice D. - Verified Buyer
  • side sleeper feather pillow is very comfortable.

    I was always suffering with neck and shoulder problems. With the side sleeper I am much more comfortable and am not hurting.

    Angelina Z. - Verified Buyer
  • It’s Very Nice

    I highly recommend this pillow. We did put a protective, bamboo cover over it, (for hygiene) and no it did not take away from the ... 

    KB E. - Verified Buyer
  • Down Side Sleeper Pillow

    I love this pillow. It has just the right amount of down in it and the size is perfect. It’s very comfortable to sleep on.

    Tain B. - Verified Buyer
  • Great pillow!

    Solved my neck and shoulder pain.

    Helen S. - Verified Buyer

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