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Down Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

390 Reviews

5 stars
217 (56%)
4 stars
40 (10%)
3 stars
51 (13%)
2 stars
46 (12%)
1 star
36 (9%)
Comfortable and moldable! Great neck

Comfortable and moldable! Great neck support!

Sarah R. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful pillow

I bought this one and the medium down, since different sleeping positions work on different nights. This one really is better for some sleeping without having to fold or bunch the pillow.

Tori A. - Verified Buyer
The perfect pillow!

Just right for side sleepers

Julie - Verified Buyer
Slept great!

So far, the pillow is working out really well. And I am VERY picky.

Kathy R. - Verified Buyer
Love the pillows. Soft yet

Love the pillows. Soft yet substantial.

Eileen O. - Verified Buyer
Sleeping better

I tried a multiple number of different types of pillows but I feel I finally found one that works for me. I have neck problems and am a side sleeper but with my other pillows I had to sleep on my back. I now sleep better and I can sleep on my sides. Would advise everyone to try this pillow.

Carol R. - Verified Buyer
It’s great

Happy with my new pillow.

Pat R. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow

I love this pillow; very supportive, soft, conformable and quickly returns to original shape with minor fluffing. Much better than the down pillows I had before.

Judith R. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow! Ordering another one

Great pillow! Ordering another one :)

Lorraine W. - Verified Buyer
Excellent pillow

Soft and downy with a firm core to support side sleeping. We also bought the medium down pillow and that one is great, too. Both excellent quality.

Gita M. - Verified Buyer