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Down Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

497 Reviews

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Great design!

I love my pillow! It is the first time in my life that I have owned a down pillow, and I love it! It brings me great joy to fluff it each day, and the design works for side sleeping very well.

Tammy L. - Verified Buyer
Love side sleeper pillows!!

Bought two standard side sleepers for my husband and me as we never seemed to be happy and comfortable with the zillions of pillows we tried over the years. I always slept on a down pillow as a child, and that nostalgia and my pillow dissatisfaction caused me to research feather pillows on the market today. Consistently, Parachute pillows came out on top of comparison tests. Although at the pricier end of the spectrum, I decided to go for the splurge. And am I glad I did that. We have been sleeping on our Parachute side sleepers for a month now, and I can safely say the quality of our sleep is amazingly better. And the occasional neck and shoulder aches are much less frequent. The standard size pillow seems a bit small. Hindsight, I should have ordered kings. But i hated to return the pillows and be without our new sleep aids during the reorder process. Plan will be buy two kings in the near future and use the standards in our RV. Then we’ll be a four Parachute family!!

Sharon V. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

I was a little skeptical of this pillow because it looked thick and stiff. Never had a pillow with gussets. First night with the pillow was great! It is so lightweight. It has just the right amount of support without being stiff or too firm. Gives support to my neck. Excellent quality. Will buy again.

Jann P. - Verified Buyer
Down pillow

I love,love,love my down pillow from parachute. It’s the most comfortable pillow I have.

Anna J. - Verified Buyer
The down pillow I have been searching for!

I have been looking for a down pillow to recreate the luxury hotel experience every night in the comfort of my own bed. I even went so far as to purchase an outrageously priced down pillow from said hotel’s online store. It was an expensive disappointment. I took a chance and bought a second pillow from Parachute. I am a side sleeper and their pillow is the luxury hotel experience I was searching for. I paired it with a silk pillowcase and plan buy a second one to replace my first hotel store purchase. It is worth every cent if you’re looking for a good down pillow.

Leann D. - Verified Buyer
Side Sleep Pillows

I bought these pillows for my spouse and he absolutely loves them.

Gwen S. - Verified Buyer
Excellent decision

Purchasing these side sleeper down pillows was one of my best decisions. I’ve always used down pillows but they have all had standard knife edged seams. The box edge on these side sleepers offers immeasurable support. I actually don’t find myself waking to fluff a pillow in the middle of the night now. Worth every penny.

DARCI B. - Verified Buyer
5th times a charm

After trying out way too many pillows than I'd like to admit, this side sleeper is my favorite. It is supportive, but also allows me to move around when I turn on my stomach. It is light and fluffy, and has a soft pillowy effect when I set my head down on it. I try to fluff it every few days so it stays so airy.

Julia S. - Verified Buyer
The sweetest dreams

Parachute’s side sleeper pillow changed my life.

Nancy B. - Verified Buyer

My shoulds were hurting and would wake up in pain. I purchased this pillow and it made such a huge difference. I look forward to going to sleep and not having any pain when I wake up.

Maria D. - Verified Buyer