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Down Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

223 Reviews

Average 3.98 stars
5 stars
121 (54%)
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30 (13%)
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32 (14%)
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26 (12%)
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14 (6%)


Great Pillow!

I’ve not slept this well in years!

Andrew F. - Verified Buyer
This Pillow was Worth Every Penny

I was thinking of buying a side sleeper pillow when I came across the Parachute website. At first, I thought that the pillow was too expensive, but considering how many cheaper pillows I have purchased and not liked over the years, I decided to give this 1 a try. Parachute was out of the standard pillow at the time, so I bought the king size for even more money than the original. It was worth every penny! I love the large size as well. I haven't had such a comfortable sleep in years. I'm actually surprised that this pillow made so much difference in my comfort level. If you are a side sleeper & considering buying this pillow, you won't be sorry.

Sherri P. - Verified Buyer
Amazing pillow

If you side sleep this is the best pillow I’ve ever used! Worth every penny

Ann P. - Verified Buyer
Very, very very good

It's surprisingly hard to write a review for a pillow, but here is a summary: this does what the others say they will do. It's fluffy, stable enough to hold up when I'm on my side but very comfortable on my back as well. When I lay down on it, it gives quite a bit without going completely flat. I have had it a month and never had to fluff or rearrange it. It's perfect!

Teri W. - Verified Buyer
It is wonderful!!

It is wonderful!!

Joyce G. - Verified Buyer
I really like your side

I really like your side sleeper pillow, very comfortable.

Gail C. - Verified Buyer
Down side sleeper

Just perfect, not too flat, not too puffy. Just right

Barbara M. - Verified Buyer
Love this pillow

This is a great pillow!

Wrenforever - Verified Buyer
Love this pillow!

This pillow is the perfect balance between firm and soft. Have never slept better and my neck pain is gone.

Lauren S. - Verified Buyer
Well worth it!

So glad I found this pillow! As a side sleeper I had a stiff neck every morning from using a stack of 2 firm pillows, which was way too unyielding and uncomfortable.The Parachute pillow manages to be supportive yet soft. So comfortable, and no more stiff neck.

Michael C. - Verified Buyer