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Down Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

279 Reviews

5 stars
159 (57%)
4 stars
34 (12%)
3 stars
34 (12%)
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31 (11%)
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21 (8%)
good pillow

yeah, it's a good pillow with good loft

John H. - Verified Buyer
I absolutely love my down

I absolutely love my down side sleeper pillow! Most comfortable pillow I have ever had !❤

Janice H. - Verified Buyer
excellent pillow design

I bought this pillow along with the regular down pillow. This box design is much better support for my problem neck even as a back sleeper.

Deb S. - Verified Buyer
No more neck pain!

I had been having neck and back pain which I assumed was because I needed to replace my 12 year old mattress. I bought this pillow because I needed a new one and after the first night using it I had no more neck and back pain!! Love this pillow, and it was much cheaper than replacing a mattress.

Laura P. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow!

Love this pillow! I was skeptical about the difference a side sleeping pillow would make but I have been greatly pleased! Far surpasses my memory foam pillow in comfort. Rarely do I wake with a stiff neck since purchasing. Highly recommend!

Colleen H. - Verified Buyer
Thank you!

No more morning headaches since purchasing!

Becky B. - Verified Buyer
It works!

I’ve had mine for about a month now. It really does work well for a side sleeper. Far better than a "standard pillow" without feeling much different. I am very pleased.

Peter D. - Verified Buyer

Fills the gaps between your neck and pillow so that you sleep soundly

Eric H. - Verified Buyer
Comfort is the key

I am a very poor sleeper and so I decided to invest in new pillows from Parachute. While I still wake up intermittently, I enjoy cuddling up with my side sleeper and no longer experience a sore neck/shoulder. Worth the cost.

Janice B. - Verified Buyer
The search is over

Finally a pillow that solves the problem. This pillow is comfortable when I'm on my side and on my back. Love it.

Betsy F. - Verified Buyer