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Down Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

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worth the wait

First I got nervous that I’d spent so much on 1 pillow! Then it came. It is as they said! Full, soft, molds with you, just the right firmness and support, holds its shape , makes a difference in overall sleep comfort.

Stefani V. - Verified Buyer
So Good!

My previous pillow had been advertised as a side sleeper. Maybe some considered it so but I did not. I was actually having neck and shoulder pain that extended all the way down to my elbow. After only one night on my new Parachute pillow the pain stopped and has not returned. I am sleeping better without pain. The height of the pillow allows room for my head to be on the pillow while keeping my shoulder supported. And, it fluffs up so nice and returns to shape every morning. Highly recommended. Expensive but worth it!

Eileen L. - Verified Buyer
Simply the best

I’m a side sleeper and I suffer with neck and shoulder pain as a result. I also have acid reflux. I’ve tried many pillows with different fillings. After going on a couple of business trips I decided I really liked the down pillows my hotels had used. So I researched down pillows and the Parachute side pillow was always top of the list. They’re a tad expensive but I’m a firm believer in getting a good nights rest so I splurged on 2 side pillows. I absolutely love them. The pillows combined with side sleeping advice from a couple of YouTube physical therapists have enabled me to sleep comfortably on my side with less wake ups due to painful joints and I’ve been able to cut down on acid reflux attacks. I would definitely by these pillows, again. In fact, I think my bed needs a couple more of them. 😊

Michelle M. - Verified Buyer
Best pillows I have ever

Best pillows I have ever owned

Barbara W. - Verified Buyer
Its perfect!

I love this pillow. I googled side sleeper pillow and this came up and it couldn’t be happier. I had an old pillow from literal childhood and couldn’t replace it until I found this!

Bailey F. - Verified Buyer
Down side sleeper is the best pillow ever!!

All the benefits of the pillow cube concept with the fluffy loftiness of down. Hands down the best pillow I have ever had - sleeping much better and no more stiff neck in the morning!

Jon K. - Verified Buyer
A must have for side

A must have for side sleepers. Amazing comfort.

Lori S. - Verified Buyer
Great Pillow

Sturdy, well made, comfortable for reading and then turning over and going to sleep!

Kennith - Verified Buyer
Best down feather pillow !

This pillow is super soft but also supports you neck and head due to the squared off sides. It is a game changer!

Barb K. - Verified Buyer
The BEST pillow, hands down!

The BEST pillow, hands down!

Ruth N. - Verified Buyer