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Down Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

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One of the better pillows I gave found.

I’ve purchased at least 10 different pillows in the last 3 years trying to find one that is good. Some were but then feathers would clump up, others felt so synthetic that they didn’t conform very well. However, the down side sleeper pillow from here has been a consistently good pillow every night. I don’t usually write reviews but parachute sent an email asking first thing in the morning so I thought why not. The only downside I found was how long the pillow took to arrive. I would say about 2 weeks from order.

Philippe S. - Verified Buyer
Big and Thick

After doing much research, I decided Parachurte was the best value for the money. I am not disappointed. This pillow beat out anything on Amazon….and Macy’s. I love it

Kathy R. - Verified Buyer
Buy this pillow!!!

This is THE most amazing pillow I have EVER used and I have bought them all! Do yourself a favor and buy this pillow!! Worth every penny and more!!

Melissa Q. - Verified Buyer
Great for Side Position

This pillow arrives stuffed full of loft. We have had this one for a while now and the down has softened just a bit, but still the pillow is wonderfully full and soft to curl up with each night. Well worth the price.

Jennifer A. - Verified Buyer
Excellent pillow

We have been searching over the past ten years for the perfect pillow. We bought them all in and tried them. One by one! This included the expensive pillows to moderate priced ones. This side pillow is for my husband the “snorer.” He goes between the side and back positions at night so we got the side pillow in medium and the standard pillow in medium. His snoring is almost gone entirely- amazing!! We’ve been suffering for years with lousy pillows. They might start out strong but after a month they break down followed by horrendous headaches. Then we found this parachute pillow via a review Put a top rated down pillows for 2021. There it was. Parachute down medium was rated number one. So we gave it a try. We both were through cheddar after one night of sleeping on his pillows, curious what the other thought. Simultaneously we both said “oh my God we finally found the pillow!” It felt like winning the lottery truthfully. Lol It’s amazing how your mood is different and how you treat other people improves because you got a decent nights sleep. No more waking up with headaches. We’ve purchased six parachute down pillows (all medium) one of which is the side sleeper. All of those go on our king bed. Also, the service level is incredible. We purchased the pillows at Northpark mall in Dallas. Raga, our sales person, was outstanding. If It wasn’t for him we might not have even purchased all of these pillows. I can’t recommend this pillow enough No wonder they rated Parachutes down pillow and medium as number one. Thank

Katherine M. - Verified Buyer
Side sleeper

Love it! Was worried it would be too tall since I am small woman with small shoulders..but it's not. So comfy!

Ilona P. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow

My husband took it and uses it as a stout back-sleeper pillow. I then bought a king firm down pillow for him but he said still prefers side sleeper pillow:

Adam M. - Verified Buyer
Down side sleeper pillow

I absolutely love this pillow! I have a lot of down feather pillows and they always go flat. This pillow stays full and it is extremely comfortable.

Kelly C. - Verified Buyer
A Game Changer

A Game Changer

Susan B. - Verified Buyer
The Best Down Side Sleeper Pillow

This pillow is ideal! The first one I’ve found with a thickness at the perimeter that accommodates the width of an adult shoulder. Perfect firmness. Absolutely the best solution for a side sleeper. It’s a ‘Goldilocks’ pillow! Not too firm, not too soft - just right!

Maureen O. - Verified Buyer