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Scented Candle Reviews

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Great service, enjoying the candles

Love the new location in the gulch, friendly staff

Dwayne M. - Verified Buyer
A Luxury Scented Home

I love this candle for all rooms of my home. It’s the perfect balance of energy and calm. I only wished this came in a larger size and a two/three wick because I go through candles so quickly. Make sure you add this to your home. It’ll set the right atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

Tim H. - Verified Buyer
How a « Fall Person » gets through Summer.

Obsessed with both the Salt Water & Dusk candles. The vessel is elegantly minimalist with the perfect glow when lit. Just the right amount of soft scent. No issues with smoke because I trim the wick with each use & use my snuffer (l’éteignoir) to keep the wick centered, if needed. These candles are now must-haves in our home.

Marguerite H. - Verified Buyer
Epic candle. Changes all the

Epic candle. Changes all the energy in the house. Smells expensive.

Leigh B. - Verified Buyer

This candle is everything. It smells amazing and unlike a lot of other candles, the scent is pretty powerful and it fills a large area. I have tried many other candles before that when you light them, the scent doesn't disperse very well. Not this one!

Kristi J. - Verified Buyer
Love the scent

This candle smells great, isn't too overpowering and comes in a very chic vessel

Alexis S. - Verified Buyer
It smells great!

It smells great!

Donna R. - Verified Buyer
Smells so great

And lasts a really long time! Highly recommend, I’m going to be buying their other candle soon!

Sara L. - Verified Buyer
My favorite candle ever!!

I have to buy this candle every time I order or walk into the store!! It’s the best!!

Paul H. - Verified Buyer


Tracy S. - Verified Buyer