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Sateen Fabric Swatch Reviews

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Great sheet, great price.

The sheets are great. They are at least as comfortable as some significantly more expensive sets we own. Definitely would buy more.

Ryan K. - Verified Buyer
Very good

like the product, but not ready to buy

Brendan F. - Verified Buyer
The touch was telling.

My bedroom furniture and linens are a cozy elegant white with the only color accents blooming from beautifully framed floral paintings hanging on the wall. After taking the first step in my room you will want to dive deep into the fantastic endless clouds of my down comforter and inviting pillows -- as though you've just slid head first into a most gorgeous majestic billowing wedding cake -- all soft, sweet and textural. Once your hands have made their way through the luxurious wedding cake clouds a surprise awaits when next, your wandering finger tips touch a new sensation. You wrap yourself up in this almost forbidding fabric. You want to weave your toes through every inch of the delicious sateen white sheets. A heavenly gossamer elegance wraps you up protectively and delicately in the perfect cool soft sheets of sweet and beauty just like the brilliant fondant from the wedding cake that the enthusiastic audience reverently admired with oohs and aahs.

Cheryl s. - Verified Buyer
Buying swatch worthwhile

It came right away and helped us decide to buy the sheets.

Marjorie C. - Verified Buyer
Love these sheets

Super comfortable fabric and well made. Well fitted although the top sheet is bigger than I'm used to as it drapes below the mattress on both side of the bed. I appreciate being able to purchase and sleep on fabric and dyes that are environmentally responsible and safe for my family. Additionally, the delivery model of direct from manufacturer through one supplier is economically responsible. Will purchase again!

Lisa S. - Verified Buyer
The $3 swatch is too small

The swatch is about $1 for a sq/in. Being at 3in squared, it is difficult to figure out how an entire sheet would feel. Perhaps something the size of a hand, at 6x6" would be better to feel quality and experience.

Andrew H. - Verified Buyer
Too Thin and Slick

We were disappointed that the fabric samples were so thin (could see our hands through them) and that the fabrics were so slick/shiny.

David C. - Verified Buyer