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Recycled Down Pillow Reviews

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perfect pillow

A friend of mine got a couple of pillows from Parachute and told me they're awesome. I needed a new pillow but didn't want to spend so much $$. Then I finally realized that I was being stupid, I love sleep and should make it as comfortable as I can! And I saw this recycled down pillow which was a bit cheaper. I thought there was a 90% chance I'd be sending it back, people always promise "firmness" in down pillows and they always just sag through. But not this baby! Perfect level of firmness for me, firm and soft at the same time. Very pleased with it, thank you.

Olia K. - Verified Buyer
Perfect pillow

One of the best goosedown pillows I’ve slept on & it’s recycled! Perfectly plush, not too slim or thick with a comfortable fabric. Highly recommend it!

Marta K. - Verified Buyer

Straight out of the box this pillow was perfect. It supports my neck and shoulders well and keeps it shape. I’m a side sleeper and don’t have so much stiffness when I wake up now.

Amy K. - Verified Buyer
Loved it

Nice little break in the price point for it being recycled. If you can overcome the feeling of someone else’s used pillow, you’re basically getting a new pillow at discount. After all the feathers have been recycled from their original owner anyway.

Luis S. - Verified Buyer
Great quality, love the sustainability

Not much to report except these pillows feel super great and high-quality, and the deliberate choice to go with recycled down felt like a nice way to cut back on the consumption factor that can go into bedding.

Emilie C. - Verified Buyer
Recycled down pillow

I like the pillow very much. It has plenty of down in it, and that makes it easier to mold into a comfortable position. I would prefer A label made of material rather than paper because it’s so annoying, but I can always cut it out. I would recommend this pillow to other people looking for a good down pillow.

Helen B. - Verified Buyer
Love the recycled down pillow

But would love it if a soft (vs the current medium only) version was made.

Lynn J. - Verified Buyer
High Quality but design needs work

The quality of this product is excellent. The pillow costs slightly less than its equivalent non-recycled medium loft pillow. The cover makes a crunchy sound when I move my head on it. It is more firm than any other medium loft down pillow I have ever used. It is not offered in a softer selection. If they take care of these things it will be the perfect green offering in down pillows.

Michelle B. - Verified Buyer
Great idea, too soft

I love the idea of the reused feathers from returned pillows. I’m not a sewing critic by any means but it felt to be high quality. The reason I returned the pillow was because it did not support my head enough. I’m an average size/build with a slightly larger than average head, and the medium loft was not enough. My head fell as flat as they show the girl’s head with the soft loft pillow videos on the website. I wanted to like the pillow, just not firm enough.

Thaddeus R. - Verified Buyer
felt like a bag of fabric store polyfill

I really like down pillows and having it be recycled felt good for my heart. This pillow did not have the weighted feel and shaping of down. It felt like a cheap polyfill and was not comfortable. I was very disappointed because I love the idea.

Karen D. - Verified Buyer