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Brushed Cotton Pillowcase Set Reviews

161 Reviews

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Soft Fabric, Great color!

The brushed cotton pillowcases are super soft right out of the package. I love the color (Mist) - these feel very high quality at this price.

Helen M. - Verified Buyer
High Quality

I have no regrets in this purchase.

Casandra F. - Verified Buyer
Get. All. Of. It.

Alright, alright. The product is expensive, BUT, worth every penny! And, their retail experience is Apple-level. Pop in to a store when you can, and, a fantastic gift for the that special someone. 👍 Personally, I want all of it. I’ll do my best there. 😉

ALEX A. - Verified Buyer
Love the feel and quality

Love the feel and quality

Christina L. - Verified Buyer
Nice and soft

Nice and soft

Jamila K. - Verified Buyer
Great color so soft

Great color so soft

Eilis M. - Verified Buyer
The best

Truly buttery soft

Brad S. - Verified Buyer
Super comfy

Personally I sleep better with cotton pillow cases. I mainly bought these because it's not that easy to find envelope style pillow cases that don't feel cheap. I tend to turn a lot which means normal pillow cases come off my pillows, but these stay on perfectly.

Kate G. - Verified Buyer
The Best Yet

They are soft, high quality and they look fabulous. The do wrinkle more than I like, but I go for comfort more than looks lately :)

Jeneth - Verified Buyer
I need this in my life

OMG! This is something I just won't be able to live without ever again. So soft and comfortable.

Travis G. - Verified Buyer