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Brushed Cotton Pillowcase Set Reviews

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Brushed cotton set

comfortable and high quality bedding. We purchased brushed cotton set and very happy with the result. Portland store was very welcoming , employees were friendly and made it fun purchase experiance.

Yulia G. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Cool on a Hot Summer night

Like all of our other sets before this pillow set didn’t let me down. As a gift for my Mother In Law, it was a chance to prove that spending a little more for a good sheet and pillow case set was worth it. Parachutes Brushed Cotton fitted sheet and pillow case set did that and more. When it got upwards of 78 degrees with humidity and she was still cool; she became a believer.

Judie Z. - Verified Buyer
Great set!

Great set!

Jessica R. - Verified Buyer
Better than flannel

Soft and comfortable. Washes beautifully. Feels great against the skin. Runs warmer than percale (which I also have from Parachute Home).

Valerie P. - Verified Buyer
Great color and softer than

Great color and softer than percale but not too warm

Ranya P. - Verified Buyer
Really comfortable sheets

These sheets are actually noticeably comfortable sheets. My husband commented on that fact the morning after our first night. It seems a little "much" to say that sheets made for a better night's sleep, but there you are. They did.

Penny B. - Verified Buyer


Sandra M. - Verified Buyer
Perfect for my Purple branded pillow!

I can’t stand pillowcases that are open at the end, the pillow always slides out! The closures in the back are perfect. The fabric is very soft and comfortable to sleep on, and perfectly fits my Purple pillow.

Jenny R. - Verified Buyer

They are nice pillowcases, really like the color.

Ashlee M. - Verified Buyer
Soft and comfy

Soft and comfy

Alex W. - Verified Buyer