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Pieced Canvas Pillow Cover Reviews

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5 star Canvas Pillow Cover

5 star Canvas Pillow Cover !!

Marc L. - Verified Buyer
Great quality

A new staple in my living room and guest room. It's neutral in color but adds texture to a white/cream aesthetic

Megan M. - Verified Buyer
Color is very different in person than on website ;/ It's purple, not brown.

The material, design and pillow case itself is really nice. But I am super bummed on the color- on the website, the "Raisin" appears to be a nice chocolate brown tone, but in real life, it is way more purple than brown. I won't be using these in my house as they clash with my other colors, but also am stuck with them now because it was final sale. I'm so sad, I thought I finally found the perfect deep brown shade. I'm just glad I didn't buy the blanket and comforter yet as well.

Jesse W.
Color does not match raisin

This product is really bad. I got 2 cases and the two had completely diff colors and neither matched my linen sheet set in raisin color either.

Olga S. - Verified Buyer