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Percale Top Sheet Reviews

783 Reviews

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587 (75%)
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Sweet sheets

I reviewed before they good

Brandon B. - Verified Buyer
Dreamy Sleep

I am in love with these sheets!! I never thought I would find sheets that would remind me of climbing into bed as a little girl and being so cozy! Yet here they are. I was afraid to try percale and I am so glad I did!!

Karen S. - Verified Buyer
Parachute percale top sheet

Lovely quality sheets..they don't "grab" or confine you.

Gillian I. - Verified Buyer

We love our new percale set! So soft yet you can feel the durability and coolness.

Adriana B. - Verified Buyer
Fabulous comfort and coolness!

Saving up for a second set!

Lynne B. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets I’ve ever had!

I have not looked forward to going to bed more since I’ve had these sheets. I don’t get hot at all during the night, but I’m also not freezing. They are so soft and super luxe! Yes they may cost a little more than other sheet sets, but the quality is there so they’re worth it. Over time, I’d like to replace my 2 other sheet sets with the Parachute Percale sheets. =)

Domenica G. - Verified Buyer
First time buyer, long time Parachuter!

These sheets are fantastic. I've only had these a month, so bear that in mind, but my wife & I absolutely love these. They breathe extremely well while providing you great comfort. I would definitely recommend their percale sheets.

Tom K. - Verified Buyer
Pure luxury and dedicated customer

This is the second set of percale sheets I've purchased, and it certainly won't be the last. They're absolutely divine! These sheets feel so wonderful on my skin, and they're nice and cool and cozy to sleep in. I generally sleep very warmly, and these percale sheets are the perfect product. I also love Parachute's commitment to being chemical free.

Janet M. - Verified Buyer
Lovely sheets! So white, cool

Lovely sheets! So white, cool and crisp. I feel I am sleeping in some fancy hotel bed.

Caroline S. - Verified Buyer
The Best Sheets Ever!

I have never had percale sheets before and now I don’t want any other kind of sheet. These sheets are extremely soft, comfortable, and fit the bed perfectly. They also really do help keep you cool at night. You cannot go wrong with these percale sheets from Parachute.

Fran G. - Verified Buyer