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Percale Top Sheet Reviews

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I was prepared to say...

These sheets are the same as any other set of sheets and they are not worth the extra expense ... but I'm not saying that! They were different/better the first night! The second night I was in a hotel and thought "when can I get back to my great new sheets?" I love them!!

Katie H. - Verified Buyer
My husband is VERY picky

My husband is VERY picky about his sheets. He is strictly a Percale guy and he likes these sheets. He especially likes the fact that the bottom sheet stays in place well. As for me (his laundress, maid and bottle washer) was worried that the Full/Queen Top Sheet would be too small for a Queen Size Bed, but they're not, they fit perfectly! Lastly, my husband (who has his Own Bed) after 40 years) has "Restless Leg Syndrome" and is prone to tearing his bottom sheet with his toe nails - i have finally learned with a few sets of now mismatched sheets that I need to order a 2nd bottom sheet in advance, and will definitely order another pronto! In my opinion, these sheets are soft (right out of the package), relatively crisp, and a wonderful weight - yeah, even my Picky husband likes them!1

Janet E. - Verified Buyer
Soft and weightless as a cloud...

A gentle whisper-soft cover - it’s a new experience. I guess this is true luxury.

Dolly K. - Verified Buyer
Great sheets

In fact, they were so great, I bought a second set a few weeks later.

Andrew R. - Verified Buyer
Percale Sheets - LOVE!!!!!

These sheet are such high quality! I’ve been wanting to buy these for a while. So happy that I did!

Noelle N. - Verified Buyer
Truly Luxurious!

Best sheets by far. I have terrible night sweats and the Parachute Percale sheets are a must have for me to sleep cool. And they are so soft and luxurious my husband loves them too!

Shayla F. - Verified Buyer
Crispy, cool sheets

Love these crispy sheets! They stay cool during the night and are soft but crispy. They do not wrinkle badly. One improvement would be the “envelope closure” is in the middle of the back of the pillow case, which prevents you front turning over your pillow during the night…. since you don’t want to sleep on the “seam."

M. H. - Verified Buyer
love these sheets

The color was perfect and love the look and feel of these sheets. Was happy to be able to purchase for a split king bed. It is a look of casual & comfort.

Karen T. - Verified Buyer
Cocoon Style

Feels nice on your skin, not scratchy, or too warm; cloud of softness

Ann W. - Verified Buyer
Great sheet

Love these sheets, arrived quickly and are very soft and so far have held up well to washing. Will order again

Blake G. - Verified Buyer