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Percale Top Sheet Reviews

737 Reviews

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Percale top sheet

I love the soft texture of the percale sheet set. These are the best sheets I ever owned. Highly recommended!

Suzanne K. - Verified Buyer
Happy Wife!

My wife is a sheet snob, to say she is fussy about her sheets is the understatement of the year. Goldilocks had nothing on her as past sheets were to heavy, too slick, too flimsy, and who was the evil person who created Bamboo sheets! I decided to try the Parachute Percale sheet and pillow case set. Now all I hear is her ranting and raving about how great they are and why didn't I find them sooner! Seriously, these are the best sheets you will ever sleep in.

Thomas B. - Verified Buyer
Sheets are a dream!

We love our sheets as they have that perfect combination of being crisp and cool. You can feel the quality even after several washings. We will certainly buy more.

Jennifer S. - Verified Buyer
Just get ‘em

My husband and I (30 years, baby) have had many a sheet. These were game changers in terms of a comfy sleep. We both just love them! I got extra marriage points for buying them. 😆

Marianne E. - Verified Buyer
Love my sheets and the

Love my sheets and the color clay is perfect!

Amy P. - Verified Buyer
The best

This is our second set of Parachute Percale sheets. We LOVE them and even though we have lots of other sheets, I suspect that Parachute will be our forever sheets. I always rave about them to family and friends but when they want to know why they’re so great, I find myself struggling to explain. They just feel good! They’re just the right weight, summer or winter.

Judy H. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets ever

Love the Percale sheets - top, fitted and pillow covers - amazingly comfortable feel while being so cool (temp wise). Much more comfortable and homey feeling than the satin type sheets we’ve had to use in the past as we’re hot sleepers. These are seriously so amazing - my wife and I comment frequently on how much we love them.

Jonathan A. - Verified Buyer
Love my sheets

Love my sheets

Phyllis M. - Verified Buyer
Very soft percale

We’ve only had the sheets for a couple weeks, but love them out of the package. They’re light, airy, breathable and quite soft. Time will tell, of course, how well they perform after laundering multiple times, but if a few months I’m still this happy with them, we’ll be buying extra sets!

Jeffrey R. - Verified Buyer
Super comfortable and breathable.

Super comfortable and breathable.

Lauren H. - Verified Buyer