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Percale Top Sheet Reviews

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Percale king top and fitted

I was hoping that this set of (blush) Parachute percale top and fitted sheets would be as comfortable/cool/crisp as the blue set that I purchased a while ago. They were not. They seem a trifle heavier and not as cooling and crisp.

Carol K. - Verified Buyer


Diane T. - Verified Buyer
Love my Percale Top Sheet

I am so loving my new Percale sheets from Parachute. It is great going to bed in the luxury of the new sheets. They just feel so good that I don’t want to leave my comfort zone in the morning. Highly recommend them.

Suzanne S. - Verified Buyer
Love these sheets!!

As I am getting older, I finally decided I deserve a little luxury. Parachute percale sheets are so luxurious. I don't want to use any of my other sets any more. I love them.

Erin S. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful, luxe and comfortable

These sheets have changed the entire look and feel of the room, and have improved my sleep quality. I love the color and the feel is very luxe.

taylor k. - Verified Buyer
Favorite sheet

I bought my first set of these sheets 2 yrs ago. I never thought I'd spend this much on sheets but I had to try something new. I was tired of waking up hot and sweaty, even in the winter with the fan on. I bought only one set because of the price but I also didn't think they'd actually work or last. They quickly became the one and only set of sheets I used so finally bought another set. They surprisingly aren't frayed or torn from the loads of laundry they've been thrown in as they were the only ones I used and washed all the time. I love them and highly recommend.

Janeane D. - Verified Buyer
Still waiting for the sheets to get soft!

I purchased a set of percale sheets with the promise that they would get softer over time. They have been washed many times & still remain a bit scratchy. I am disappointed due to the price but I hope they will get better

Misty M. - Verified Buyer