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Mini Shower Mist Set Reviews

13 Reviews

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Great scents, good vibes.

I love spritzing these mornings and at night for a feel good day or night.

Cyprienne S. - Verified Buyer
Fun little indulgence for your shower.

These smell great; not too strong. They make your daily shower feel like a spa treatment.

Michelle S. - Verified Buyer
Smells amazing!

These are so wonderful! A couple of spritzes in the shower and it just makes it feel so luxurious!

Erin B. - Verified Buyer
Use these every shower!

Use these every shower!

Danielle G. - Verified Buyer

These are a perfect addition to the routine of showering. They either help you wake up on the morning or get ready for bed in the evening.

Steven R. - Verified Buyer

Soothing scent - would work better in a spray bottle.

Rochelle C. - Verified Buyer
Scents are great but short

Scents are great but short lasting

Judith E. - Verified Buyer
Lovely Scent

Nice but not sure what point is. The fragrance dissipates so quickly. Happy I got the small trial sizes

Michelle S. - Verified Buyer
Smells delicious but lasts about 3 seconds

Hi really liked the idea of the product and the smells, but the scents don't last more than 3 seconds. I spray them generously on the shower but still nothing.

Mauren K. - Verified Buyer
Scent really doesn’t last won’t

Scent really doesn’t last won’t but again

Chris S. - Verified Buyer