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Eco Comfort Mattress Reviews

215 Reviews

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158 (73%)
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We had been sleeping on an older mattress and finally splurged and bought this new one. We have slept so well! This is worth every penny. I can't wait to go to sleep every night!

Marta C. - Verified Buyer

Very comfortable and very affordable

Jennifer S. - Verified Buyer
Most comfortable mattress

We got two of these for our guest room, and I often look for an excuse to sleep in there. They’re the right balance of firm and plush top. Matched with the percale cotton bedding and we love it!

Sarah C. - Verified Buyer
Best nights sleep

I haven’t had this good a sleep in years. And the mattress is sustainably made.

Emily N. - Verified Buyer
Pleasantly Surprised

I was skeptical at first when my new mattress arrived in a box. I was sure it was going back before I even slept on it! 3 weeks later, all are in agreement that the mattress is very comfortable. Not too soft and not too firm. Something in between. We are keeping the mattress!

patrice c. - Verified Buyer
Ahhhh, Restful Sleep

I had been looking at this mattress for little over a year. Our old one definitely needed to be replaced. We had even gotten Parachute’s down bed to make it more comfortable. My hubby and I are both in our 50s. And, the mornings had been tough because we were so stiff. The down bed helped, but that old mattress had to go. I did my research and still came back to Parachute’s. I wish we would have purchased this mattress years ago. It is so comfortable. It is so soft that it’s hard to get out of, and it isn’t so hard that you’re stiff in the morning. It was worth every single penny! Don’t hesitate to buy this mattress. It is so worth it!

Paula K. - Verified Buyer


Michael K. - Verified Buyer
Just the best

It’s very comfortable. It’s a dream to sleep on. I have in my home - queen and standard, and if I need one more, I’ll be definitely the one from Parachute.

Mariya N. - Verified Buyer
so far, this is an

so far, this is an excellent mattress!

Bronwyn M. - Verified Buyer
Best mattress ever!

Sincerely the best sleep we have ever had. 10/10 highly recommend!

Kacie S. - Verified Buyer