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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Loving my set of linen sheets and pillow cases. Soooo comfortable!

Travis T. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets!

Best sheets!

Trevor C. - Verified Buyer
Yes to Linen

I was skeptical, but these are my new favorite sheets ever. Will never go back to regular cotton.

Tracey S. - Verified Buyer
So wonderful!

I was hesitant to purchase the linen sheets as they do feel a bit rough on the hands. But after sleeping just a few nights in them, I won't go back to anything else. They are so airy and light, but soft at the same time. I love them so much!

Taelor C. - Verified Buyer
Love ‘em!

I love the texture of quality thick linen sheets. The color is dark. Truly charcoal! Defiantly worth the price and better than other brands I’ve tried in the past.

John H. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Light!

Love how soft these are and they've washed and dried beautifully!

Gina C. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets.

Worth every penny. My husband sleeps hot and I sleep cold. These are a great sheet for both of us. It’s soft and cozy enough and helps regulate both of our temperatures!

Beatriz A. - Verified Buyer
Sleeping like Queens

There is something so luxurious and comforting about the texture and quality of the linen parachute bedding. The material combined with the earth-tone color of our sheet set make getting in bed sooo comforting.

Catherine T. - Verified Buyer
I love them! It feels

I love them! It feels luxurious!!

Audrey J. - Verified Buyer
Perfect Sheet...again

Parachute linen is such great quality and comfort that I come back to purchase time and again.

Donna E. - Verified Buyer