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Linen Sheet Set Reviews

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Gorgeous muted color and soft linen!

Loving my Parachute linens—keep expanding your gorgeous colors please! The Surplus really pops against Bed Threads’ ochre color. How ‘bout a sexy indigo that isn’t denim, yet isn’t midnight? Also, NoBody is crafting a really warm, luscious Raspberry (not merlo/wine/garnet/dark ruby, etc)—please be the first!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Laurel A. - Verified Buyer
best sleep ever

the most comfortable sheets ive ever had. ive been having the best sleep ever!

Dan C. - Verified Buyer
comfiest sleep ever

best purchase, ive never slept better! will definitely keep getting my sheets here. amazing customer service as well.

Dan C. - Verified Buyer
Better than I expected

We’ve always used high thread count cotton bedding. I had doubts as to wether I would like the texture difference. Also I tend to go from cold to hot during the night. When I first tried them I thought the more apparent texture might keep me awake. In actuality it caused me to relax in a similar way as a massage does. This has continued. Additionally my temperature fluctuations have ceased. Once I’m under the sheets I seem to stay at a comfortable level all night. I’m getting better rest with fewer disturbances. I highly recommend this product!

Lisa S. - Verified Buyer
Great linen fitted sheet. It

Great linen fitted sheet. It fit my 16” deep mattress just right.

Troy A. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful, but had to be

Beautiful, but had to be returned with the box quilt.

Teresa M. - Verified Buyer
Couldn’t be happier

Very comfortable. Linen feel. Highly recommended

Tiffany C. - Verified Buyer
Linen bedding

It’s wonderful , feel great and look great

Chi Y. - Verified Buyer
I love these two pillowcases

I love these two pillowcases as well I recommend my niece to love the pillowcases that have the slit in the middle not on the side

Angela A. - Verified Buyer
New fav sheets

I had hoped for some quality sheets and found them. Pricy, but they’re so beautiful. The color is muted, the sheets get softer with washing. I’m a fan

Linda K. - Verified Buyer