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Linen Robe Reviews

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Comfy, but shrank a lot when hand washing in cold water.

James P. - Verified Buyer
Good not great

I have several robes from Parachute and, while this is nice, it’s my least favorite. Mostly Bc the belt. Because it’s linen, it gets folded up and wrinkled into a narrow rope and becomes nearly unusable. I hate it. And so I paid all this money and barely wear this robe. Just buy the cloud cotton instead— its glorious.

Njeri B. - Verified Buyer
Not for curvy gals

Quality is lovey. Unfortunately, This robe fits nicely from the waist up but is cut for men and does not account for the existence of hips. The size chart won’t tell you that, so I will.

Awkward Fit and Proportions

I was really excited about this robe, but it's a big no no for me. The linen is nice, runs on the thin side though and would wear out faster than a sturdier weave. I ordered a size M, which I thought might be a bit on the looser side for me. For reference I am 5'5", size S/M top and L/8-10 bottom. The ratios are all over the place. The cut is very long so the robe was down to my ankles. The waist is very low, so there's a lot of excess at the top. The top half is very bulky, there's too much fabric, sleeves are too long, while the bottom half is too narrow. I have slightly wide hips, so I can't actually get full coverage all the way down because the fit is actually v narrow . Overall awkward and not properly sized item for women or ppl w/ more curves. I suppose it would be fine for men or taller ppl, in which case there would need to be a diff cut for women. Or at least add a slit at the back for more dynamic fit.