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Rest Linen Mist Reviews

66 Reviews

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31 (47%)
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I purchased this for my

I purchased this for my guest room - and my guests loved it!

Jo M. - Verified Buyer
A+ scent

I find myself spraying this all over the house. It’s subtle and clean and I know I’ll be ordering more.

Peachey T. - Verified Buyer
Peaceful and Calming Linen Mist

I love Osea linen mist. I spray it on my sheets and pillow cases before bed and always look forward to the calming scent that helps me relax and unwind from the stress of the day. This time I ordered two bottles, just so I'm sure I never run out!

Janet L. - Verified Buyer
Have to have!

Addicted to this spray! My room & sheets have that spa scent!

Linda S. - Verified Buyer
Amazing and smells so nice!

I live in Santa Cruz so this partnership with OSEA and Parachute was a must buy! Love the fresh smell on my linens (and sateen pillowcases)!

Collette S. - Verified Buyer
I love it!

I love it!

Geoffrey B. - Verified Buyer

I gave this a go and it really helps with sleep. The scent is amazing and I love spraying it on my pillow every night.

Sandra A. - Verified Buyer
Love this calming scent

I spray it all over our bed every single night. Love it.

A C. - Verified Buyer
Great scent

Great scent

Theresa P. - Verified Buyer
Great relaxing scent

Great way to unwind and go to sleep.

Cookie79 H. - Verified Buyer