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Heathered Percale Top Sheet Reviews

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Heathered Percale

I have three sheet sets from Parachute: Linen, percale and heather percale. The only problem is I want to change them everyday and can’t figure which I like best. The products are amazing. The selection is amazing. The people are amazing.

Stephan P. - Verified Buyer
Great Sheet

Feels great when lying on it.

Joseph S. - Verified Buyer
I don't know what too so long for me to make this purchase

My husband and I are in love with these sheets. We bought them in the middle of a NJ summer. We find the percale to be the perfect blend and weight for us. My husband runs hot, and I run cold. The texture took a few days to get used to as it was alittle rougher than our high threadcount sheets, but the salesperson assured us they get better with use and correct washing. I look forward to sleeping in them and sleep well. We plan to go back in the fall when we pull out the duvet again for a cover. I feel confident I'm getting my money's worth every night in these sheets!

Courtney L. - Verified Buyer

Whenever I wash my sheets, I climb into bed thinking I'm sleeping on a cloud.

Dan B. - Verified Buyer
Amazing sheets

The look and feel is amazing. Total game changer!

Amanda D. - Verified Buyer
So comfy! Best sheets I’ve

So comfy! Best sheets I’ve ever owned!

Lauren H. - Verified Buyer

I received these sheets from our son for Christmas. I was amazed how comfortable they are. Before trying them, I would never have believed sheets can be make such a difference in a good night's sleep. I recommend them very highly.

Cindy S. - Verified Buyer
Love them!

As good as advertised, definitely worth the investment.

Adam K. - Verified Buyer
Heathered Percale A Disappointment

Though soft, the Heathered Percale sheets are not up to the same standard of texture and crispness as your Solid Percales. Not what I expected.

Cindy K. - Verified Buyer
Nice, but REALLY large

I bought the fitted sheet and top sheet for my queen sized bed. The material is a little rougher than the smooth sheets that I've been using, although certainly not uncomfortable. It's more that it just has some texture to it that you can feel when you move around on it. I wouldn't say it sleeps either cool or warm, but maybe somewhere in between. The material looks beautiful and is nice and soft, although I'm not sure its worth $100 for one sheet.. The other downside is that the sheet is HUGE. The top of my queen sized mattress sits 22" off the floor. The top sheet is so wide that it drapes over the edges and about 1" of it lies on the floor on either side of the bed. I thought perhaps I could go down to the Full sized top sheet, but it is one size for both full and queen. Unless you have a tall bed these sheets are going to touch or almost touch the floor. For that reason they are unfortunately going back.

John R.