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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

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cozy sleeping

The down alternative mattress topper has the ecological and ethical advantage of not using animal products. It has the comfort advantage of adding softness to our mattress without the disadvantages of sagging or sinking into too soft a mattress. My husband calls it his nest! We are both very happy with our Parachute bed (the Canyon) and the mattress topper -- even though we have down-sized from a Cal King to a Queen.

Nancy A. - Verified Buyer
Helped me immensely!!

If the bed is too hips and ribs hurt. Too back hurts. With this topper....I can have my sleep number at a firmer setting so that my back is comfy and still have the softness for my hips and ribs. Thank you!!

nichole k. - Verified Buyer
It saved us from having

It saved us from having to buy new mattress, maybe pillows next?

Mark H. - Verified Buyer
love it!

extremely comfortable

Emily G. - Verified Buyer
Best top-layer I've every had!

Since we've purchased this mattress topper we're sleeping better than we have in many years! I'm a side sleeper and I used to have to turn from side to side several times a night when my hip would begin to ache. I was surprised that a topper like this would work, but it has. I have not had a single aching hip at night anymore and I sleep beautifully. I highly suggest giving this a try. And, the price is even very reasonable. Many mattress products are far more expensive than this. Try it!

Kirk D. - Verified Buyer
Game changer!

I’ve had a “mattress in a box” for about two years now, and it’s comfortable but not amazing. Adding this topper has made it so, so cozy and soft. I sleep very warm and this hasn’t contributed to more overheating, either. Highly recommend if you just want to add a bit of luxury and comfort to your existing mattress.

Jessica M. - Verified Buyer

A wonderful solution to ensure a comfy slumber. Makes any mattress like you’re sleeping in clouds!

Helene S. - Verified Buyer
Definitely helps us sleep.

Definitely helps us sleep.

Brittany P. - Verified Buyer
Down alternative mattress topper

Excellent product,,,,very very nice.,.,.

Matt H. - Verified Buyer
So comfy!

I bought this because I know I'll need a new mattress in the near future. I'm hoping to put that purchase off a bit. This topper is a winner. Very soft and comfortable. Thanks!

Katie W. - Verified Buyer