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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

429 Reviews

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324 (76%)
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I love it.

It saved me from having to buy a new mattress, when I bought a gel and memory foam mattress online that was highly recommended by my family but much to firm for me. It can't help the horrible rubber smell, but now my bed is very comfortable!

Samantha W. - Verified Buyer
Love is product!

Love is product!

Deanna S. - Verified Buyer
Parachute's topper feels like we're in the clouds...

I like my mattresses firm but my wife likes them soft. After buying a new matters that was very firm, we needed something to soften the experience for my wife. Enter the Parachute, which doesn't take away the mattress' firmness and leaves you in soft and snuggly plushness. We're both happy with the Parachute topper.

Charles N. - Verified Buyer
Awesome mattress topper!

We are trying to replicate the great beds we have slept on at the Ritz and the four Seasons and my wife says this topper does the trick!

Eugene H. - Verified Buyer
Perfect Topper

Purchased this topper to help soften a too firm mattress. It’s wonderful! Very comfortable and not too soft.

Cherry C. - Verified Buyer
Added comfort makes all the difference

This is my second down alternative topper and I bought it to help with hip pain I was getting from an unyielding mattress. Bingo, it worked and I sleep much more comfortably. Will be back for more to outfit guest bedrooms.

Anmiryam B. - Verified Buyer
Best purchase

Turned my firm mattress into a soft and comfortable bed to sleep in

Nicholetta F. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Comfortable

Love how if feels when getting into bed how soft and comfortable it feels.

Marcella W. - Verified Buyer
Seriously awesome…

I ordered this topper on a whim after reading all of the great reviews. I was skeptical, as I’ve ordered several toppers claiming to be thick a fluffy, only to be disappointed when they show up. This one is exactly what I was looking for. It retains the fluff. It feels like a cloud. It’s awesome. I may add a thin foam topper underneath for added cloud-ness, but this is great on its own. Buy it! You won’t be disappointed. And if for some reason you are, Parachute’s return policy seems great.

Amber G. - Verified Buyer
Wonderfully cushiony

The parachute mattress topper gave my mattress the cushion I needed to sleep comfortably on painful shoulders.b

Susan W. - Verified Buyer