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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

562 Reviews

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432 (77%)
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Mattress topper

Very comfortable ! Highly recommend

Allison T. - Verified Buyer
Game Changer

So comfortable. Very evenly distributed. Has made my mattress feel 50 times more expensive than what I paid for it.

Sonya D. - Verified Buyer
Amazing - can’t imagine sleeping without it now!

Absolutely LOVING our new mattress topper. It added so much comfort to our bed. I get excited to jump into bed and have been sleeping so well too.

Candice M. - Verified Buyer
Absolutely Amazing Comfort

This turned my mediocre mattress into a dream. It is so comfortable, stays in place and consistently comfortable all around, and just makes me have better nights sleep. Seriously if you are considering it, go for it because it has literally changed my sleep quality. Love!

Liza Z. - Verified Buyer
Very comfortable down alternative topper

This really softened my too firm mattress which was hurting my hips.

Rosalie H. - Verified Buyer
game changer

We had a firm mattress that was giving me some discomfort whenever I would sleep on my side. Before purchasing a new mattress, we decided to give this topper a try. It was a game changer. I now sink into bed every night enveloped by softness. I had my doubts that this would make a significant difference in my sleep, but I would buy this again ten times over if needed.

Alana G. - Verified Buyer

made our bed feel like the bed of my dreams. feels like you’re in a 5 star hotel bed that you never went to get out of! highly recommend.

Trevor H. - Verified Buyer
Down alternative mattress topper

It is excellent. I have a hard firm Mattress by choice and this top layer is soft making it feel like a hotel bed at an upscale resort

Amelia K. - Verified Buyer
Like a cloud

It’s kind of amazing to me how much of a difference this mattress-topper makes. I have pretty fancy Avocado mattress, which I found a little bit disappointing from a plushness POV. After I added this topper, my bed became the most comfortable one I’ve ever had—I can’t wait to crawl into its cloud-like softness every night. Highly recommend, and considering splurging for another one for on top of my aerobed to make guests happy.

Dorian K. - Verified Buyer

This mattress topper is saving my life on a 20 year old mattress. It's super fluffy.

Avery J. - Verified Buyer