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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

298 Reviews

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217 (73%)
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Could make a hardwood floor the best sleep of your life

We combined this with a semi firm mattress and are sleeping like royalty. More importantly, the real queen of the house (our dog Billie) sleeps in until 9 every morning. Happy customers both human and furry. Thanks parachute!

Connor D. - Verified Buyer
Omg amazing

I now have the most comfortable bed in the world thanks to this mattress topper which I added to top off our new mattress. I was very concerned it would sleep hot as I always wake sweating in the middle of the night but this has proven to not be the case at all.

Allison J. - Verified Buyer
So soft

We have had our topper for 3 weeks now. Our Tempur-pedic mattress was just too hard on my hips. This mattress topper gives me just enough cushioning to not wake up with a sore hip.

Debby C. - Verified Buyer
Woo hoo!

This makes our bed sleepable!

Amanda S. - Verified Buyer
Super sleep support

We do love our new topper! It adds to a great nights sleep.

Nina R. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

After spending 5 nights in an Airbnb with a master bed with a parachute mattress topper and it was the best sleep I ever got - I knew I had to get one! Best purchase ever!

Manuel A. - Verified Buyer
Down Mattress topper

Very comfortable and excellent quality mattress topper.

Lani K. - Verified Buyer
Very Plush

We just purchased a new "Firm" mattress $$$$. We were not happy with the firmness. It was hard to get a good night sleep on it. After using the down mattress topper from Parachute for a few weeks. What a difference! We both love the bed now. This is what every bed should feel like.

Dennis B. - Verified Buyer
Fluffy Mattress Topper

This mattress topper is extremely fluffy. It's important to fluff and rotate it every day or every 2 days. It does flatten a little after use. I make my bed and put my mattress on top to give it a chance aerate or re-poof. It is as soft as a cloud. It's perfect for the wintertime. However, it does get extremely hot in the summertime. So far covering it with a cotton blanket helps moderate the temperature of the mattress topper.

Tae C. - Verified Buyer
Turn a bolder into a comfortable mattress

A few years back I purchased a firm mattress convinced that's what was needed. I waited too long to determine it was a painful nights sleep. After wavering around the idea of spending thousands for a new mattress, I decided to try this topper and what a difference a night makes. I feel like Im sleeping in a five star hotel.

Joseph D. - Verified Buyer