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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

379 Reviews

5 stars
273 (72%)
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24 (6%)
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36 (9%)
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24 (6%)
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22 (6%)
Awesome down mattress topper

My husband and I love our down mattress topper. It has made a huge difference on our sleep.

Hilda B. - Verified Buyer

Me and my wife loved our mattress. No complaints. But after a trip to Vegas and staying on a bed with a mattress topper we said we should buy one for our mattress. It totally transformed our sleeping. I’m a morning person. When the sun comes up I’m out of bed. But now with this I don’t mind staying in bed all day.

Doug C. - Verified Buyer
Good sleep

I was very Impressed with this mattress topper, so much better than those memory foam toppers.. :)

Michael S. - Verified Buyer
Love it! Totally worth the

Love it! Totally worth the money

lindsey j. - Verified Buyer
Mattress topper

Great! Love it!

Megan A. - Verified Buyer
Bed Make Over

My semi-ew temperpedic mattress is suddenly a nocturnal oasis with my new down Parachute mattress topper. It is unreal the difference. My whole new situation actually lures me to bed and slumber.

Andrew R. - Verified Buyer
Great mattress topper.

Love this mattress topper. Sleeps cool so far in the spring. Less tossing and turning at night.

Scott B. - Verified Buyer
Down topper

We love our new topper over tempurpedic bed. Feels cozier, softer a bit warmer, but not hot. Price is fraction fir the quality you get. Love it and recommend it !

Lulu D. - Verified Buyer
Very nice

It’s like sleeping in a cloud… what’s not to love?

Jessica T. - Verified Buyer
Like sleeping on a cloud.

Very comfortable. It improved my sleep greatly

Mark M. - Verified Buyer