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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

451 Reviews

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Mattress topper

Wonderfully soft and supportive. I have very bad shoulders and our mattress was hard but now it is cuddly and perfect.

Paula B. - Verified Buyer

The new featherbed topper is like cloud sleeping , I fluff it daily when I make the bed, love it

Jeri W. - Verified Buyer

cant wait for all the sweet dreams to come

Julius S. - Verified Buyer
nice quality

nice quality

Karen B. - Verified Buyer
Good buy

Quality is excellent. It should have elastic fasteners but overall very pleased with purchase.

Vilma C. - Verified Buyer
A perfect solution

After having gone through 2 mattresses that were supposed to be on the softer side, I took a chance on another mattress that was better but not great. My bed frame has slats not a box spring which might also be making mattress firmer than it should be. I was tossing and turning all night, waking up with numbness in my arms and a sore neck. My back was also painful. I looked at other reviews about this wonderful feather mattress and how it worked so well for other people experiencing similar issues. I took a chance and bought it - so glad I did!! It made my mattress so much better - it really is like sleeping on a cloud! I still have support where I need it but it’s so much more comfortable. My regular Queen fitted sheets still fit and I couldn’t be happier with purchasing this topper.

Tracey S. - Verified Buyer
Mattress toper

The mattress topper is an excellent product. Very comfortable.

Andrew H. - Verified Buyer
No more hip pain

It needs to be fluffed up weekly, but even when it’s flattened, I do not have the hip pain. Finally! A good nights rest

Andrea W. - Verified Buyer
Hotel Cloud Vibes

This is the most AMAZING topper I've ever had the pleasure of owning!! I was looking for a product to keep me cool on my foam mattress and this is a winner! While I do get hot from time to time, I think it's more so because I have a lot of blankets and pillows that I sleep with and both my dog and cat sleep in bed with me and produce heat. I had a friend sleep over and she said it was like sleeping on a posh hotel bed that probably costs thousands of dollars!!!

Allison O. - Verified Buyer
A Good Investment

We have had our topper for 5 months. It has definitely upgraded our memory foam mattress. Every week before changing our sheets, we rotate the topper and shake it around to fluff it back up. I would definitely recommend doing that weekly to keep your topper like new.

Shannon B. - Verified Buyer