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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

322 Reviews

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230 (71%)
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Super Comfy

I was a little nervous about the price, but then it arrived and it has been awesome and I think it is worth the price. Super comfy especially on the weekends when I stay in bed a little longer ! It goes great with my Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set so soft and comfy…. !

DANIEL M. - Verified Buyer
Great mattress topper

Adding the mattress topper made our new temperpedic much sir and comfortable. Great quality and well made. Definitely worth the price

Jeffrey M. - Verified Buyer
Almost perfect

I had had both hips replaced and have bursitis in both. This topper helps alleviate pain and helps me sleep better. What would make it perfect? Elastic straps on the corners to keep the topper in place.

Marianne L. - Verified Buyer
Amazing! comfortable, luxurious, great sleep

I replaced an older feather bed; I’ve had several and this is by far the nicest one. It’s so comfortable getting in, and stays comfortable all night long. i was having some back pain, and have been feeling much better since sleeping on this. I use it on top of a nice quality hybrid mattress that’s just a few years old. This gives comfort and softness but I still have the support of the bed.

Teri M. - Verified Buyer
This topper feels like you

This topper feels like you are sleeping on a feathery cloud. It is one of the best investments I have made in a long, long time.

Victoria L. - Verified Buyer
Great product

Great product

Ugo C. - Verified Buyer
Adds Just What Was Needed

Recently, I purchased a new bed frame and mattress. Though deservedly well-reviewed, the mattress was just a bit too firm for me. Adding the parachute down topper made all the positive difference. Thank you, Parachute!

Jane B. - Verified Buyer
So perfect and amazing!

This was a dream!!!! How it feels to sleep on top of your duvet? This is exactly it. We have a firm mattress… very firm.. with this on top to give it a soft touch. So nice. Also you don’t feel your bed bounce or have tension. It is soft and melts you in. I love it. Keep in mind it doesn’t retain the shape so sometimes your mattress looks clumpy or floppy. Just how it is. But not a big problem for the return of comfort and cozy!

Hanna L. - Verified Buyer
Soft and cloudy

Sleep like on a cloud so soft and comfy I was using a sponge that keep me hot and awake !!!! First night on parachute and I slept like a rock!!! Regulated temperature like magic!

Veronica W. - Verified Buyer
Like sleeping on a cloud!

I can't say enough great things about this topper! It has improved my sleep and back pain. It was well worth every cent.

Judy S. - Verified Buyer