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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

476 Reviews

5 stars
329 (69%)
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31 (7%)
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48 (10%)
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32 (7%)
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36 (8%)
Excellent Topper

The down mattress topper is really soft and relieves my back pain. My back pain is gone since I use it.

Binh V. - Verified Buyer

This mattress topper enhanced our sleep even on a relatively new mattress. We love it. Very comfortable and breathable.

Steve L. - Verified Buyer

Beyond cozy! Game changer…. Obsessed!!!

Julie B. - Verified Buyer
Like sleeping on a cloud

Paired with the Parachute mattress, this Down Mattress Topper makes for a comfortable night's sleep. Well worth the investment. Do not hesitate to add this to your bedding ensemble. Sweet dreams!

Valerie P. - Verified Buyer
Softens Tempurpedic mattress

I sleep so much better now that I’ve added the down topper on top of my Tempurpedic mattress. I toss and turn much, much less, if at all, and am able to fall asleep within a couple of minutes.

Helen D. - Verified Buyer
Luxurious purchase

This was purchased as a gift and it was very well received!

Susan C. - Verified Buyer
Mattress topper

The mattress topper is the MOST COMFORTABLE thing I have ever slept on. With my parachute pillows and parachute mattress topper I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. LOVE THEM!!!!!

Joan C. - Verified Buyer
Sleeping on the most comfortable ‘cloud’ ever!

This down mattress topper is the best investment I ever have made in my life. I sleep like a child again after years of sleeping on something that was way to soft and it ruined my back. Already after three weeks of sleeping on it my back is restored with 80% and I don’t wake up with this ache and pain anymore.

Taruno S. - Verified Buyer

Like sleeping on a cloud!

sandra m. - Verified Buyer
Great topper!

I like an extra firm mattress for back support but it can make pressure points hurt. This topper was the perfect layer to give me comfort and support. I love it! My only small qualm is sometimes the feathers do poke out a bit but it's a small negative in overall great topper.

Camilla W. - Verified Buyer