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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

405 Reviews

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290 (72%)
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Love it

We were not happy with our relatively new mattress but this topper improved the comfort very well

Michael F. - Verified Buyer
Great Topper

Mattress topper is very comfortable and so far there have been no straw feathers, after about a month. Great addition to bedding and I highly recommend it!

Heather M. - Verified Buyer
Believe me people this topper is the best thing I bought to compliment my new least expensive Casper mattress. In fact while at the mall I laid down on the most expensive Casper mattress and my combination feels bettors me. It’s unbelievable how comfortable it is and how well I sleep on it no aches or pains anymore.

Great Topper. Best investment for a good night sleep.

Thomas S. - Verified Buyer
Better than a plain pillow top mattress

Recently was time to replace my old down alternative featherbed. Decided to give this a try based on the positive reviews and lack of allergy issues reported. This is super comfortable and trust me from the person who is allergic to everything no issues. Wish I had purchased long before. Well worth the $$ and such a good night’s sleep since purchasing. Just buy one and enjoy.

Kathy H. - Verified Buyer
True Feather topper

If you have ever slept with a really good feather pillow you know they are compressible, fluff-able, and the best ones contain feathers whose quills don’t poke out. I bought this to go on top of a Puffy foam mattress with no box spring since every day something different might be sore (hips, shoulders, back). The upside is that I can fluff it every day when I make the bed. The bottom layer of larger feathers keeps it’s shape, and the top layer is like a cloud. It fits perfectly inside my fitted West Elm sheet and I just tug gently on the corners to make it look more square. It does change the look of the made bed from sleek and pressed to tousled and informal. For me, it sleeps cooler than the original Puffy, and I don’t feel like it is hard to roll over, but sleeping on down might be an acquired taste. So far so good one month in.

Linda Z. - Verified Buyer
Down mattress topper

This topper made a “meh” xl twin mattress so much better and provided a heavenly sleeping experience. I absolutely recommend this topper!

cici g. - Verified Buyer
Love It

I purchased a brand new firm mattress only to realize that it was very uncomfortable and I could not sleep on it. I had to banish myself to the sofa until I found this slice of heaven. I love it! I am sleeping like a baby and it makes my bed look very grand!

April E. - Verified Buyer
Worth it!

My husband and I got a new mattress, but it wasn’t as soft as we like it(even though it’s a 4/5). At first I was hesitant because it’s a little pricey. I’m telling you, it’s worth it. It makes us feel like we’re sleeping on a cloud!

Courtney S. - Verified Buyer
Down Mattress Topper

Absolutely wonderful product. Makes our bed like sleeping on a cloud! Definitely recommend

Donald B. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

We were in need of a new topper and did our research before choosing this one. The price is a bit intimidating but trust me when I tell you all of the reviews are right on the money! I haven’t had any hip or leg pain since the first night we slept on it. It stays balanced (doesn’t shift) and it makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. I’m also a hot sleeper and I don’t have any issues with it holding the heat either. You’ll sleep like a dream! We love it!!

Martha D. - Verified Buyer