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Face Mask Set Reviews

117 Reviews

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48 (41%)
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Very Comfortable

I prefer masks with ties instead of elastic ear loops. They don't pull at my ears! These are comfortable, breathable, and I can wear them all day without having to keep readjusting.

Danyelle H. - Verified Buyer
Love ‘em

Nice selection. As a person who wears glasses I prefer the tie-on masks over the elastic ear pieces. The masks are comfortable and wash well.

Don B. - Verified Buyer
Love material

Like how ties. Comfortable

Sherry J. - Verified Buyer
Great quality

These face masks fit my smaller face perfectly. The stitching is well done and the fabric is high quality. They are comfortable to wear.

Adrienne B. - Verified Buyer
Soft and easy to wear!

Soft and easy to wear!

Nivedita R. - Verified Buyer
Like wearing nothing

These masks are comfortable enough that I feel guilty wearing them, like I’m not suffering as much as everyone else so they must not be as effective, but the way they muffle my voice lets me know that they are Love that more got sent to good charities more than anything else though.

John G. - Verified Buyer
So comfortable!

Very breathable and comfortable

Amelia C. - Verified Buyer
So comfortable and breathable!

So comfortable and breathable!

Jordana G. - Verified Buyer
Great masks

Beautifully made and finished Getting lots of use Highly recommend

Lynne C. - Verified Buyer
Super soft and comfortable!

I’ve purchased a few items from Parachute for our home and love the quality so when I saw they offered face masks I knew they would not disappoint. I missed out the first time they were offered and quickly ordered them the second time they were back in stock. Now I know face masks are nothing to be excited about but of all the face masks I’ve tried and purchased so far these are my favorite. The ties stay tied, the mask fits well, it’s super soft, and now that I’ve laundered them, they hold up well too! I would definitely purchase again but with 5 masks, (actually 4 as I reluctantly parted with one to my husband) I should be good. I’m looking forward to the day when I can walk into a store sporting bright red lipstick but until then I’ll be wearing one of these!

Laura F. - Verified Buyer