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Silk Eye Mask Reviews

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Blair Waldorf Chic

I love this eye mask. I live in a top-floor apartment in Nob Hill, so there’s a guaranteed risk that sunlight is going to peak through my curtains starting 6:15 am every morning. With my eye mask and two silk pillowcases, I can worry about waking up at whatever hour I please. I’ve loved this eye mask so far - it’s definitely slightly on the thinner side and doesn’t have any eye-area padding if that’s what people are looking for. One recommendation: I would love to see a small slip on the top of the eye mask for earplugs! I need them to sleep in noisy San Francisco, and I wish there was a built-in pouch on these eye masks for that. Otherwise, 5 stars to the quality of the silk and how well it’s stood being washed/used for the past two months. Thank you Parachute!

Abigail V. - Verified Buyer
I've been having a hard

I've been having a hard time sleeping during these times but this mask has been helpful in helping me get to sleep!

Ariba Q. - Verified Buyer

The quality is ok, not as soft nor thick nor comfortable (a bit tight for me) as slip. But I got it on sale for $20, no complaints.

Cong J. - Verified Buyer
Too tight

Doesn’t have an adjustable headband and for me is too tight. Bummer because otherwise is very nice.

Leila M. - Verified Buyer
Not a fan.

I love sleep masks. I sleep much longer and deeper when wearing one. This eye mask was not great. It’s fairly stiff feeling so it lets light in on the sides and it’s a little small, too. The worst part though is the strap. It's tight, scratchy and pushed down on my ears when I had the mask in place.

Rachel M. - Verified Buyer