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Down Pillow Reviews

968 Reviews

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Love the pillow

It’s amazing

Kim G. - Verified Buyer
Was somewhat skeptical as I

Was somewhat skeptical as I had never used a down pillow in my life. Heard all the claims and have seen all to ads about how great ergonomically designed pillows were, MyPillow, etc., but took a chance with down. Unbelievable how comfortable and supportive this is. My wife likes her soft, I like the medium. We're happy!!!

James K. - Verified Buyer
Super comfortable and a great

Super comfortable and a great nights sleep! Highly recommend the firm and medium used together!

Scott L. - Verified Buyer
Love it

Softest one is flat and mold able exactly how I love it. The comfort is insanely amazing. Smell is there but I personally don’t mind it at all.

James D. - Verified Buyer
Best Pillow!

I was looking for a great pillow and I found it. I went with the medium firm. I'll be ordering more...

Philip J. - Verified Buyer
Down Pillow

Finally getting sleep. Pure down, no crackles when I move around at night. I’m a side, back, and tummy sleeper (I know all over the place) but the middle fill works for all three! Never switching

Samantha C. - Verified Buyer
Game changer!

This pillow is heaven. So glad I got it. Very comfortable, supportive and enveloping in just the right way.

Sonya D. - Verified Buyer
Big difference between medium and

Big difference between medium and firm pillow. The firm is a very tight fit in my pillowcase.

Ellen W. - Verified Buyer
Like it

Like it

Gregg L. - Verified Buyer
Do it!

Buy yourself this pillow, no regrets!!

Anthony P. - Verified Buyer