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Down Pillow Reviews

1581 Reviews

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Excellent choice

I purchased a light version of this pillow rather than medium or firm. It is perfect and soooo comfortable for back or side/front sleeping. A little too soft for full side sleeping. Love it!

Michelle B. - Verified Buyer
Down Pillow Soft Standard Size

I researched down pillow differences to choose the right pillow for needs. After several months of daily use this Parachute down pillow exceeds my expectations. My needs require a pillow that can be formed to comfort my head, neck and face. I have tried tempur-pedic pillow, and the various densities of foam pillows without success. I would strongly recommend the Parachute down pillow with the firmness to meet user needs! Will be purchasing additional for additional needs.

Betty C. - Verified Buyer
Great pillows!!

I’m so glad I found Parachute! I will definitely be purchasing more products!

Michele M. - Verified Buyer
Bought for my son .

Bought for my son . Has alleviated his knee pain

Barbara W. - Verified Buyer
Soft and comfy

Love my new medium fill down pillow!

Patricia M. - Verified Buyer
Soft king feather pillow

What a pillow. Nothing like it ever.

Rebecca K. - Verified Buyer
Love these pillows

We were so pleased with these in our master bedroom, we just bought a set for our guest bedroom for when the adult kids come to visit. They are wonderful!

Sally N. - Verified Buyer
Best pillow ever!

The standard down pillow with medium density is absolutely perfect for back and side sleeping.

Matthew S. - Verified Buyer

Best pillow I've ever owned or experienced. I feel better physically than I can remember, which substantially contributes to better mental and emotional health.

James W. - Verified Buyer
So soft

I chose the soft pillow. It turned out to be so perfect! I can shape it under my neck and head so well. My head literally feels cradled in it! And the softness is absolutely perfect and enough for me. Im a side and back sleeper.

Alchik z. - Verified Buyer