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Down Mattress Pad Reviews

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Simple and awesome

I read a lot of the reviews for this product and really did a search for a mattress pad that was as sustainable as I could get and this one was pricey but seemed like a good fit. I was hesitant after the reviews but once I received the mattress pad and got it on the bed I have to say it is really a superior product. It is really well made. It adds a small layer of cushion that was expected for a mattress pad and there are no gases coming off of it. It actually smells clean which is a surprise for this type of product. I have not washed it yet so I can’t report on how it will do there but overall I feel that this is worth the money. If you are looking for it to add support do not buy this it is a mattress pad not a mattress topper. Part of my hesitation was based on those reviews and just ignore them. They are not valid since that isn’t the product’s purpose. It sleeps cool and adds warmth like it should. I give this a thumbs up.

Gwendy H. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful down mattress pad!

The pad keeps its loft pretty well. Needing only a shake in each side. Does better than the parachute topper under the pad that doesn’t restore its loft.

Dale M. - Verified Buyer
Best Mattress Pad

Ever! It is high quality. Comfortable. Don’t feel seems in baffles.

William C. - Verified Buyer
Great Quality Product

We love our down mattress pad. Considering the choices you have in protecting your mattress with the common everyday big box, expensive mattress pads that don't last, I will never spend money on anything else. The little extra comfort added with down feathers makes this purchase worth every penny.

Todd V. - Verified Buyer
Down Mattress Pad

Yes, we love it! Very soft, fits good and washable.

Carol G. - Verified Buyer
Down mattress pad

I love it it offers an added layer of comfort to the parachute mattress I purchased with it.

Carmela L. - Verified Buyer


Alyssa B. - Verified Buyer
Comfortable and warm

The down mattress pad is great, combined with a down comforter we are sleeping in luxury. I was hoping it would reduced my low back pains I get after laying down for more than a few hours. This was not the case, and it was not advertised for this, but people in desperate situations will do anything that may help.

Bruce C. - Verified Buyer
The Best Mattress Pad Ever!

It took a few weeks before the King size mattress pad was back in stock but it was so worth the wait. We switched from a Queen to a King size bed and used another pad until the Parachute arrived, I can say for certain that Parachute bedding is all we use throughout our home.

Billy N. - Verified Buyer
You get what you pay for!

Purchased this item and it was better than expected, not inexpensive but fairly priced for the quality received. Recommend!

Bryan H. - Verified Buyer