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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

335 Reviews

5 stars
172 (51%)
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41 (12%)
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44 (13%)
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41 (12%)
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37 (11%)
My favorite pillow-will keep repurchasing

I have neck and shoulder pain and have been looking to get new pillows. I read online about some foam varieties and tried some out, but I was disappointed. They were too hard and hurt me more. I didn’t realize down pillows were what I needed because I only thought of the hotel pillows that collapse so flat when you sleep on them. This pillow has the perfect firmness and loft for my needs. I am lightweight and and find these pillows to be perfectly supportive.

Maryam M. - Verified Buyer
Great pillows!

I get a wonderful restful night's sleep with my new side sleeper pillow!

Tamy D. - Verified Buyer
Perfect for side sleeping! I’m

Perfect for side sleeping! I’m amazed at the support it gives me yet it’s so soft

Amanda Q. - Verified Buyer
Really is perfect for side sleepers

All around great pillow!

Andrew M. - Verified Buyer
The pillow I’ve always needed but couldn’t find.

Finally, I’ve found the pillow I actually need. I’m a cross between a side and stomach sleeper, but mostly side. This pillow has calmed my neck pain and deepened my sleep. The nights’ sleep I now am given is worth every penny I paid for this pillow.

Kara B. - Verified Buyer

Best pillow ever. So comfortable and plush.

Brittany P. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful pillow!

The most comfortable nights sleep ever. If it was not so expensive I would buy another one

Daniel S. - Verified Buyer
Fluffy dreamscapes

I’m a side-back-side-sleeper and I love this pillow! Highly recommend 🙌

Cherina S. - Verified Buyer
So soft

Best pillow I ever had it's amazing

Carl T. - Verified Buyer
Aahhhhh. Finally!

Best pillow ever. I currently own about a dozen pillows that I've bought over the past few years - I have neck issues and could not find a pillow that was comfortable all night long and resulted in me waking up rested with minimal neck pain. I did a lot of reading on the Parachute pillows, then swallowed hard at the price and ordered one. After the first night, I splurged further and bought a satin pillow case which makes it even more comfortable. After several weeks, I now sleep the night thru and wake up rested with low or no neck pain. I highly recommend!!

lesley h. - Verified Buyer