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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

262 Reviews

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a nice suffering ducks or geese…enfolds my head quite comfortably

Douglas K. - Verified Buyer
Sleep well

I call myself a back sleeper but find myself also sleeping on my sides. So, this pillow supports me comfortably whatever position I'm in. It took a couple days to adjust to it but it broke in quickly and seems to hold shape if I fluff it each morning or night. I'm picky and would probably buy again in a year.

Jana H. - Verified Buyer
Best Sleep Ever!

I have almost always adhered to the adage, "You get what you pay for". Regretfully, I failed to follow that when selecting my previous pillows. I viewed most pillows as fairly comparable to each other. Boy was I wrong! After using the Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow, I have to admit that all pillows are NOT created equal. I am sleeping better than I have in years. Thank you Parachute!!

Rick S. - Verified Buyer
Finally a good pillow!

After searching high and low, the whole family loves this pillow! This pillow is a great mix of supportive but still light and fluffy. I thought it was going to be too "airy" and not supportive enough, but it somehow works.

Janie R. - Verified Buyer
Better than expected

I love this pillow. Best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time, it’s perfect for side sleepers.

Jean C. - Verified Buyer
Love this pillow!

I am a side sleeper and this pillow is great for my neck. Best pillow EVER!!

Roxanne P. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

Love my pillow. It keeps its shape and is perfect for me as a side sleeper! Love it so much!

Stacy C. - Verified Buyer
Amazing Pillow

Best pillow i've ever used… slept like a baby

Lascelles M. - Verified Buyer
Great sleep! Fits in standard

Great sleep! Fits in standard size dust mite protection case! All good!

Sherrie S. - Verified Buyer

Best sleep I’ve ever had.

Dalton R. - Verified Buyer