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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

313 Reviews

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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

The side sleeper is my favorite pillow. I sleep on my side without straining my neck. I do love it!!!

Molly G. - Verified Buyer


Lisa E. - Verified Buyer
I love the side pillow.

I love the side pillow. It gives just the right amount of support.

Linda T. - Verified Buyer


Monireh M. - Verified Buyer
Good night sleep

We purchased the down alternative side sleeper pillow. Both my husband and I are side sleepers. I was pleasantly surprised how good these pillows are: medium soft but always holding their shape.

Irina S. - Verified Buyer
Great Investment

Like many reviewers I have tried many pillows, but still woke up with a sore neck most mornings. I have been using the Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow for about three weeks. I am sleeping through the night without waking up and my neck is not sore. My only wish is I wish the std size was just a bit oversized, maybe three inches longer. Nevertheless, I am thinking about purchasing a second one. Love this gussetted pillow.

Janet G. - Verified Buyer
So far great!

Bough this for my husband after switching out from. Memory foam pillow. He seems to love it! I’ve slept on it once or twice and the gusset really does help with maintaining more support. Has just right amount of plushness and softens up more over time but still goes back to old shape. You could probably sleep on back to if you alternate between the two positions.

Allison C. - Verified Buyer
Superior pillow

This pillow is lofty and soft; good for side sleepers. It smelled clean & wholesome out of the box, no chemicals. Very happy with purchase

Leah B. - Verified Buyer
My Fiancé Loves It

my fiancé and I are both side sleepers and he says this is the most comfortable pillow he’s slept on. I also like how high and supportive it is, and actually doesn’t squish down like so many other pillows, so my shoulder isn’t bearing all the weight. it is tricky when i shift to sleeping on my back in the middle of the night unfortunately, but as a side pillow it’s great!

Tiffany C. - Verified Buyer
100th+plus try at good pillow

Other than a very faint odor, this is hands down the best pillow we have purchased. Ever.

Lissa H. - Verified Buyer