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Down Alternative Duvet Insert Reviews

543 Reviews

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Love the weight of this duvet. Keeps me warm.

Cynthia D. - Verified Buyer
Like sleeping in a cocoon

These linens and duvet are above and beyond comfortable. We sleep like we are in a cocoon every night. They truly become softer with each wash. The only downside is it is really difficult to get out of bed. My husband is quite particular and he has loved the product as well. Great product and worth the money.

Michelle K. - Verified Buyer

My down alternative duvet is awesome! It is better than my feather duvet! Lighter in weight and just as warm.

Mary - Verified Buyer

Exactly what I was expecting! Love the weight, look and feel!

Megan W. - Verified Buyer
Best duvet ever! HEAVEN!

I ordered my first duvet through Boll & Branch and when it arrived I was so disappointed in the quality, so I returned. Ordered my second through The Company Store upon recommendations, and was also disappointed- it was so rough and noisy/crinkly when I moved around. Sent that one back as well. Then I happened to see this company in person in Minnesota and couldn’t believe how perfect it is- I feel like it’s a cloud filled marshmallow that I get to sink into at night. Just unbelievable- worth every penny. You won’t regret it- just buy it!

Katie M. - Verified Buyer
King Duvet

Love it!!!

Rene W. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

I got the alternative duvet insert with a fantastically soft linen duvet cover… absolutely divine! It’s as if it predicts hot vs cold in my apartment… so soft, so comfy, just perfect. And it looks great on my bed! Couldn’t be happier.

Molly L. - Verified Buyer


Jeanne R. - Verified Buyer
Best duvet I could have chosen

This duvet is like a dream on my bed! I did a lot of research before buying both on quality and fluffiness and on getting the right size for my duvet cover (hot tip: if you want your duvet to look fluffier without using two inserts, get an insert that is 1”-2” larger than your cover). I got the all season, and it is noticeably warmer, and I am a hot sleeper, however it is so worth it to me to have it so beautiful and fluffy. Truly the best duvet I could have chosen and 10/10 recommend!

Christina L. - Verified Buyer
Luxe Hotel Quality At Home

Have you ever wanted to wake up in your own home and just for one second, just one fleeting second, believe you were staying at a five-star hotel on a ten-star vacation in the south of France? And then after that one second is over be plunged back into your bleak existence with all the anxieties and responsibilities that come with it??? Oh... you have... Well then, this is the comforter for you!! Seriously, though, it's quite nice.

Leo - Verified Buyer