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Curtain Rod


Clean lines and a matte black finish make this adjustable rod the perfect pairing for our Washed Linen Curtains. Style curtains directly on the rod for a modern vibe, or with Curtain Rings With Hooks for a more traditional look. Bring Parachute into every room of your home with our classic window collection.

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Rings with Hooks Measurement Tips

Measurement Tips

When measuring for the rod, be sure to clear the window frame. Our Curtain Rod adjusts to fit any window width between 24"-48" for the small rod and 48"-88" for the large rod.

To choose the correct hanging height, measure curtain length. This way, the curtains will lightly dust the ground – our recommended style.

When using rings and hooks, keep in mind they add around 1½”-2” to the overall length and the rod will have to be hung higher accordingly.

Linen Window Panel: Measurement Tips

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Measure from the floor to where the rod will hang (curtain height plus ring height, if using). 

Step 2: Install mounting pieces for the rod at the correct height. 

Step 3: (no rings only): Slide the curtain(s) directly onto the rod.

Step 3: (with rings only): Slide the rings onto the rod.

Step 4: Tighten the rod onto the mounting pieces.

Step 5: (with rings only): Secure the hooks onto the curtains – the flat side slides upward between the fabric strip and the back side of the curtain. Then, thread the hooks through the rings to hang.