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Cozy Booties Reviews

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Borrowed while visiting and was

Borrowed while visiting and was gifted my own. Love them.

Diana W. - Verified Buyer
Buy Them

It’s like walking on marshmallows in a land of happiness. They also keep your feet warm without making them sweaty!

Mason W. - Verified Buyer
Cozy Booties

My wife absolutely loves them. Perfect for a house with hardwood flooring.

Ryan M. - Verified Buyer
Simply the best!

These are the best slippers I have EVER owned. They are soft, warm, and have a bit of cushion on the underneath part of the foot. I just love them. I need a back up pair!

Shari C. - Verified Buyer
Cozy slippers

I used to have a pair of slippers from Parachute, but my dogs ate them. I was relieved to see that they still had warm, cozy slippers. These are so warm and are perfect for Arizona High Desert winters. I highly recommend them. Oh, and I keep them “high” so the dogs can’t get to them.

Carolyn D. - Verified Buyer
Warm and comfortable

These fluffy white booties were a gift for my daughter-in-law. She likes them a lot. Really warm, and cute.

Jacqueline C. - Verified Buyer
Cozy to the Max

These are the best slippers! My boyfriend and I never want to take them off!

Kiera L. - Verified Buyer
Super soft and comfortable

These are like walking in clouds. They are warm and snugly and you're not gonna want to take them off.

Lisa M. - Verified Buyer
Just great. Love them. Already

Just great. Love them. Already gotten my second pair. So warm and cozy

Diane W. - Verified Buyer

Just what expected! Great! Soft, warm and cozy!!!

Kelly A. - Verified Buyer