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Cloud Cotton Shower Curtain Reviews

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Buttery and beautiful

So soft & beautiful! Love the airy-ness this white shower curtain brings to the bathroom

Kirsten B. - Verified Buyer
So aesthetically pleasing

Beautiful shower curtain. Feels like a spa curtain

Stephany A. - Verified Buyer

I never knew I could be deeply in love with a shower curtain. This little baby is gorgeous.

Harper P. - Verified Buyer

I was looking for an etherial but simple shower curtain for the bathroom I just renovated and this fit the bill perfectly. I was a bit concerned about quality control based on the other reviews I’d read about this curtain on Parachute’s site, but those concerns ended up being completely unfounded. This curtain is exactly what I was looking for and I’m very pleased. :)

Kim P. - Verified Buyer
Very nice material

Very nice material

William C. - Verified Buyer
Looks Awesome

Classic and beautiful, construction is top quality. Only con, the curtain darkened our shower, but that is more on our lighting positioning.

Eric H. - Verified Buyer
Defective Product

The color and material are beautiful. However, there is zero quality control on this product. It's supposed to be 72" long. The first one I received measured 76" on one side and 78" on the other side so the bottom hem was crooked. I got sent a replacement and again, it's defective. It measures 85", which is ridiculously long. Also, there's something about the way the curtain hangs that makes the shower liner visible on top. It's not the worst thing, but definitely not ideal. I've requested a third replacement so we'll see what I get sent next... This shouldn't be an issue with a $100 shower curtain.

Elizabeth S. - Verified Buyer
Shower curtain and liner combo just doesn't look right together

I bought this expensive shower curtain from Parachute. By itself, it's nice looking. But when I put the Parachute shower curtain liner with it, the liner sticks out above the shower curtain. Not the look I was expecting. I bought two third party liners hoping to find one that did not have this problem. Bottom line - the Parachute slits for hanging the curtain are cut too high on the cloth, and the result it that the top of the curtain is lower than the liner. Liners should not be seen. Wouldn't buy again, but too lazy to return.

Jay G.
Mismatched shower curtains, poor customer service

Let me start by saying the cloud shower curtain is beautiful, soft and very spa-like. However, it is listed at 72" long, same as the shower curtain liner. However the one I received is nearly 79" and the liner is 71" which doesn't work with my walk in shower. I contacted customer service multiple times to try to resolve this issue and have gotten no response. I ended up having to go to Amazon to buy an odd sized liner. I try to buy from smaller retailers to keep Amazon in check but unfortunately sometimes it's the only workable option.

Great feel & quality, however...

The shower curtain felt really premium, soft, and great quality. I was in love with it and was so happy with the purchase, until I started to hang it up in my shower... Somewhere along the lines of the production, only 4 holes were cut along the top of the curtain instead of the 12 it was suppose to have. Unfortunately I had to send it back because of this, maybe next time they will do a QA/QC check of their products before they ship.

Kyle P. - Verified Buyer