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Classic Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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I absolutely love these linen sheets! I would definitely recommend them friends + family.

Aubrey B. - Verified Buyer
Love the linen

Soft, light and lovely colors. Glad I purchased.

Sophie D. - Verified Buyer
These linen sheets are the next level

Have been treating myself to linen sheets from various companies every year on my birthday. So happy I got a set from Parachute this year. These linen sheets are the next level. Already put another set on the list for Christmas.

B I. - Verified Buyer

it feels great and it does not slide!

Lena B. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets ever!!

Totally worth the investment for these sheets. I have had them for over a month and it’s true- they get better/softer with each wash. I absolutely love these linen sheets!!!!

Michele V. - Verified Buyer
Bring them back!

I love the classic sheets 100x more than the ones they are selling now. Why would you discontinued them? These are fantastic quality and durable the others pill like crazy and these do not. Please bring back the classic sheets and linen bedding.

Charlotte W. - Verified Buyer
So great

I like the newer version of Parachute's linen sheets just a smidge better than these, but the Classic version is still great.

Christine J. - Verified Buyer
Why Did I Wait So Long?

For the longest time I hesitated to buy linen sheets: too expensive, skeptical they might be scratchy. My friend swears linen sheets are the best, so I finally made the purchase. Wow! LOVE the feel, the luxuriousness; just oh-so-comfy. Have purchased another set and my husband and I revel in the coziness. Summertime you'll be extra happy - they breathe! I've also learned you get what you pay for. I bought a set of linen sheets from another company... they're ok, but Parachute linen sheets are by far superior. Well worth the money.

Sheryl C. - Verified Buyer
Feels like it’s exfoliating your

Feels like it’s exfoliating your skin

Gifty J. - Verified Buyer