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Classic Linen Duvet Cover Reviews

13 Reviews

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A Blush dream

I am so happy with my duvet cover, especially because I got it at the discounted price. I love the thickness actually. I would have liked it to be more on the pink side, but it's still a dream

Aleida O. - Verified Buyer
Happy with purchase

Soft even after just one wash but should get even better with time.

Kathryn K. - Verified Buyer
I love the quality, the feeling and the look!

The linen set is getting better with time. I am so pleased I end buying the same for my girls and they are thrilled as well. I totally recommend them!!!

Katia C. - Verified Buyer

This is the best! I love the feel of this linen. I also love the weight of it. Love-love-love!

Lena B. - Verified Buyer

Deliciously cozy. Absolutely recommend. Washes beautifully and is so incredibly soft.

Claire S. - Verified Buyer
Awesome duvet!

The greatest duvet I have ever had; I loves the soft, wrinkled look that is so inviting!

Lauren M. - Verified Buyer
Best duvet I’ve ever had

This is so incredibly soft and comfortable. I’m a hot sleeper and I don’t feel like it’s too heavy at all! I’ve been debating the purchase for a while and am so glad I finally did it!

Abigail S. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

I’ve been wanting a linen duvet cover for years and with the recent sale, finally decided to buy it. I couldn’t be happier! I love the look, the feel, everything about it!

Nicole H. - Verified Buyer
I had lots of issues w/ this order, but....

.... I'm giving Parachute 5 stars because I love the products and the customer service staff resolved the issues to my satisfaction. Here's what happened: My daughter placed an order the same day I did and soon received a tracking number. I did not so, after a week, I contacted Parachute via chat. I was told that some of the items were backordered. I asked why I hadn't been informed (no answer) and if they could ship the items that were in stock. (No.) Eventually, a box arrived. All the items were listed on the invoice, but 2 were missing from the box. I phoned Parachute and was told that, oops, one item was, indeed, missing, but the other -- a towel on final sale -- was entirely out of stock and they had refunded that amount. I thought this rather odd, considering that, not only had I been able to place the order, but the towel was listed on the invoice. I was also pretty ticked off that Parachute hadn't reached out to me about the backorder or the out of stock. The agent offered to replace the towel with a different one for no charge and would expedite the delivery. (It's a Classic bath sheet, and I love it!) Lastly, we just discovered that there's a button missing on our linen duvet cover. I've asked them to send me a button, which I'll sew on myself -- much simpler than sending back a duvet cover for one button. Anyway, it was a mess, but mistakes happen and the customer service agents I've spoken with on the phone have been great.

Ruth R. - Verified Buyer
Love the Color

Love the color and the texture of the duvet cover. It’s fits very large on my same sized insert, not sure why. It also had some areas where the seams came apart. The cover is a big investment and shouldn’t have any flaws, but didn’t feel like going through the return process.

Crescent G. - Verified Buyer