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Classic Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Great customer service

I had an issue with my sheet and the customer service team was able to send me a new one to replace it. Very satisfied, thank you!

Kristen K. - Verified Buyer
Worth every penny

I know it’s hard to rationalize spending sizable money on just bedding but this is your review telling you to go for it. I definitely don’t have extra money for frivolous things but Parachute is a brand I regularly shop with for myself. These products are an investment. It’s a treat for yourself. Something you deserve and desperately need and you don’t even realize it yet. All of their bedding is absolute luxury. I have linen, sateen, and cloud cotton products myself and I alternate regularly. Linen is ideal for every day use, durable, comfy, like a favorite tshirt. Sateen is the sheets you want to crawl into after you’ve been outside at the beach all day, you just showered, you’re sunburnt, exhausted, and want to crawl into bed and feel cool, soft, thinner bedding. You can’t go wrong with this brand. Invest in yourself and your sleep. You will not regret it.

Kelly S. - Verified Buyer
So soft

I love the linen and how soft it is.

Aubrey B. - Verified Buyer
These linen sheets are the next level

Have been treating myself to linen sheets from various companies every year on my birthday. So happy I got a set from Parachute this year. These linen sheets are the next level. Already put another set on the list for Christmas.

B I. - Verified Buyer


Lena B. - Verified Buyer
High quality

Wasn’t sure about the purchase since it’s so expensive, but it’s well worth the price. Material feels good. I’ve had linen sheets before but you can tell it’s superior. Wait until it goes on sale and buy it.

Meiying P. - Verified Buyer
Bring them back!

Please bring back the full line up of the classic linen bedding. Superior quality compared to what you are selling now.

Charlotte W. - Verified Buyer
Fabric wonderful, color misleading.

Do love the linen feel, not super soft or light as cotton yet I enjoy the more substantial feel. The Blush color has a beige undertone which I’m not crazy about and wish the description was more truthful.

Lori A. - Verified Buyer

I like the newer version of Parachute's linen sheets a little better, but these Classic Linen sheets are still fabulous.

Christine J. - Verified Buyer
Linen fitted sheet set

I absolutely love this set. It os very stylish and really comfortable. Planning to buy more.

Anne B. - Verified Buyer