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Cashmere Baby Blanket Reviews

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Perfect baby gift

Recipients loved this blanket and keep sending me cute pictures of their daughter cozy in the blanket. It’s soft and the rose is a nice delicate color. Highly recommend.

Jake R. - Verified Buyer
This was a gift and was warmly accepted

I was not the recipient of the blanket, it was a baby gift. I am sure they love it and told me so.

Robert G. - Verified Buyer
Cashmere baby blanket pale pink

It is absolutely exquisite- fabulous for a very special baby gift.

Kathe P. - Verified Buyer
nice blanket

soft and warm with a beautiful color

martine v. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful blanket

My daughter lost her first blanket and is expecting another baby. I didn’t hesitate to order another one.

ALISON R. - Verified Buyer
Beautifully made!

Incredibly soft, I bought this is a baby gift for my nephew and it's a great forever piece! It does seem fairly delicate so I hope it can hold up to this little boy!

Rachael F. - Verified Buyer

I bought this for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. They are expecting their first baby! This is a beautiful heirloom for them. Very well made and soft but not too heavy. The color is a nice neutral medium/light gray. I was excited to give it and was told it was their favorite gift.

Wendy W. - Verified Buyer
Loved the very impractical cashmere blanket- largely because it IS impractical and is so luxurious!

My daughter's first baby deserved this luxury, and the first thing she commented on when she got this present was 'OMG it is so soft' We'll see how it goes over time regarding caring for it, but for now she loves the luxury and the softness for her Hailey. It makes her feel very special!

Valentine F. - Verified Buyer
Soft and cozy baby blanket

This is a great baby gift, or for your little one. Great value, super soft, and so nice to keep baby warm.

Helen L. - Verified Buyer
It was given as a

It was given as a gift

Courtney C. - Verified Buyer