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Down Alternative Body Pillow Insert Reviews

85 Reviews

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Perfect Body Pillow!

I purchased this for my daybed and it’s perfect. It’s very plump making it a perfect backing for my daybed! I Love it!

Patricia F. - Verified Buyer
Huge and fluffy

Love it.

Rebecca B. - Verified Buyer
Best body pillo-so lofty and full and long and dreamy.

I’ve been living with an organic wool-filled $250 body pillow that is depressingly flat for about three years now because I spent so much $ on it. Finally bought this one from Parachute with the linen cover and I can’t believe I’ve been suffering with that other one this whole time. Hips joints are happy now. Highly highly recommend.

Elizabeth H. - Verified Buyer
I’m ordering one for my beach house too

Lovely. Wonderful. Filling is soft yet firm enough to keep shape. I only sleep on my side so good is my new every night sleep buddy.

Rachel S. - Verified Buyer
I really do love this

I really do love this pillow

Sarah B. - Verified Buyer
So luxurious!

I have a platform queen bed and this pillow is the perfect length to serve as a pseudo headboard across the back. It has much more volume than expected and feels just like real down. Contemplating buying all new bed pillows from Parachute… it’s that good!

Jacquelyn F. - Verified Buyer
Very nice pillow

The pillow is comfortable and retains it's shape very well. I also have the pillowcase from Parachute which is a good fit for it.

John A. - Verified Buyer
So comfortable

Nice a full, comfy down filling. Keeps shape. I’m obsessed.

Haley W. - Verified Buyer
So fluffy

So fluffy and so big! Love this for our king bed

Samantha C. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Comfy!

I love my Parachute body pillow! It's very soft and comfy, and doesn't get clumpy, since it's composed of one piece. My old pillow was made of pieces of foam, and the foam migrated into the corners, forming hard points. The middle of the pillow became compressed, and could not be re-fluffed into shape. My Parachute pillow also isn't too heavy. I am petite (5' 2.5", 108 lbs), and I toss a lot while sleeping. I can turn and bring the pillow with me without struggling.

Ottilie R. - Verified Buyer