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Bath Brush Reviews

27 Reviews

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Wendy S. - Verified Buyer
Amazing body brush

I have never had a brush that was so soft and feels so luxurious. Totally worth the money.

Sandy D. - Verified Buyer
the best brush ever

the best brush ever

Brigid L. - Verified Buyer
Best bath body brush

CLASSIC quality and delightfully long lasting!

Maya C. - Verified Buyer

Looked for a great simple brush that works - fit the Bill and then some!

Fern L. - Verified Buyer
In Love!

I am in love with this brush. A real quality piece and perfect for washing your back.

Jerrell M. - Verified Buyer
It's fantastic and old fashioned!

It's fantastic and old fashioned!

Michael R. - Verified Buyer
Top Of The Food Chain Bath Brush

This is clearly the finest and best working bath brush I have ever purchased. Excellent quality wood and bristles. Excellent craftsmanship (yes, we are talking about a bath brush with fine craftsmanship). The natural bristles are bunched together and wired in place. No Glue. Stainless Steel wire. A large number of bristles per square inch, possibly 20 times more than other brushes. This means it is easy on your skin but still firm so it does its job using either bar soap or bath gel or pump soap. As another review states, if you want the best brush, you spend the money and buy this one. Period. Make sure you leave this brush outside your shower between uses so it dries completely, and it will last for many years.

Michael P. - Verified Buyer
I don't have it yet

I don't have it yet so I don’t know

Robert S. - Verified Buyer
Bath Brush Delite

This is the best bath brush I’ve ever had, and would highly recommend it to anyone. Enjoy!!

Gretchen S. - Verified Buyer