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Sale Decor + Living

Treat yourself to additional savings on these decor pieces we’re retiring.

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Walnut Wooden Spoon Set
Walnut Wooden Spoon Set
collaborated withSteelwood Design
Sale Price$112
Regular Price$280
White Stoneware Dinnerware Set
Stoneware Dinnerware Set
Sale Pricebetween$40and$56
Regular Pricebetween$99and$139
Bone Stoneware Mug Set
Stoneware Mug Set
Sale Price$36
Regular Price$89
Stella Vase
Stella Vase
collaborated withStyle Union Home
Sale Pricebetween$64and$113
Regular Pricebetween$160and$282
White Washed Linen Curtain
Washed Linen Curtain
Sale Pricebetween$68and$76
Regular Pricebetween$169and$189
Bronze Rib Wool Rug
Rib Wool Rug
Sale Pricebetween$140and$650
Regular Pricebetween$349and$1,699
Carved Wool Rug
Carved Wool Rug
Sale Pricebetween$180and$300
Regular Pricebetween$449and$749
Vintage Linen Round Pillow Cover
Vintage Linen Round Pillow Cover
Sale Price$36
Regular Price$89
Black Chambray Linen Pillow Cover
Linen Pillow Cover
Sale Pricebetween$8and$16
Regular Pricebetween$39and$79
Cream Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket
Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket
Sale Pricebetween$151and$199
Regular Pricebetween$229and$249
Cream Organic Waffle Euro Sham
Organic Waffle Euro Sham
Sale Price$55
Regular Price$79
Mist Brushed Cotton Euro Sham
Brushed Cotton Euro Sham
Sale Pricebetween$41and$47
Regular Price$59