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The Haze Collection

Explore this soft, greyed-out lavender in crisp percale and lived-in linen bedding.

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Haze Percale Duvet Cover
Percale Duvet Cover
Sale Pricebetween$135and$180
Regular Pricebetween$180and$240
Haze Percale Pillowcase Set
Percale Pillowcase Set
Sale Pricebetween$44.25and$51.75
Regular Pricebetween$59and$69
Haze Percale Fitted Sheet
Percale Fitted Sheet
Sale Pricebetween$67.50and$90
Regular Pricebetween$90and$120
Haze Percale Top Sheet
Percale Top Sheet
Sale Pricebetween$60and$82.50
Regular Pricebetween$80and$110
Haze Percale Sham Set
Percale Sham Set
Sale Pricebetween$59.25and$66.75
Regular Pricebetween$79and$89
Haze Percale Euro Sham
Percale Euro Sham
Sale Price$44.25
Regular Price$59
New Color
Evergreen Organic Cotton Puff Comforter
Organic Cotton Puff Comforter
Sale Pricebetween$216.75and$231.75
Regular Pricebetween$289and$309
Haze Featherweight Plush Towels
Featherweight Plush Towels
Sale Pricebetween$8and$32.79
Regular Pricebetween$14and$59
Haze Featherweight Plush Tub Mat
Featherweight Plush Tub Mat
Sale Price$34
Regular Price$49