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Dorm Essentials

Smart linens and accessories for the coziest room on campus.

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White Classic Turkish Cotton Towels
Classic Turkish Cotton Towels
White Percale Sheet Set
Percale Sheet Set
Steel And Smoke Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt
Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt
Bone Linen Sheet Set
Linen Sheet Set
Bone Linen Box Quilt
Linen Box Quilt
Moss Percale Fitted Sheet
Percale Fitted Sheet
Fog Linen Pillowcase Set
Linen Pillowcase Set
Dusk Linen Duvet Cover
Linen Duvet Cover
Natural And Ivory Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt
Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt
Moss Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt
Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt
Fog Linen Box Quilt
Linen Box Quilt
Dusk Linen Box Quilt
Linen Box Quilt
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More about Dorm Essentials

Late-night study sessions are all too common among college students. While pulling an all-nighter is sometimes necessary when cramming for a final, quality sleep is critical for powering through the days. For those living away from their parents' homes, comfortable bedding is key to getting a healthy night's sleep. Also, dorm beds double as a place to sit, study and hang out with friends, so creating a cozy space is crucial.

You never know what the heating and air conditioning situation will be in a dorm, and if you're moving to an unfamiliar climate, it's best to come prepared. From sheets and a comforter to pillows and throws, you'll want to look for breathable, durable fabrics that'll keep you cozy in the winter and cool throughout the warmer months. Keep scrolling for specific product recommendations.

The Best College Bed Sheet Size: Twin XL Sheets

When it comes to dorm room bedding, extra-long twin (or twin XL) sheets are often at the top of the list. To save space while accommodating taller students, the beds are as wide as a regular twin but roughly 5 inches longer.

Finding high-quality sheets for your dorm with these somewhat uncommon dimensions can be a challenge, but Parachute has an impressive selection for the college-bound. You can get naturally sourced percale, sateen, brushed cotton or linen extra-long twin sheet sets, all of which offer year-round warmth and breathability and get softer with time.

Check out Parachute's Guide to Bed Sheets for more insight into different types and fabrics, and learn more about the best dorm bed sheet fabrics here:

Percale: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer

Brushed Cotton: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer

Sateen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer

Linen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer

Best Dorm Size Pillow: Standard Pillow

When your head hits the pillow after an evening seminar or football tailgate, you should be comfortable enough to start dozing almost instantly. Any standard pillow will fit the pillowcase that comes in your twin XL sheet set, though you should give the different types some thought.

Firmer, more supportive options with gusseted sides tend to be best for those who slumber on their back or side, whereas softer, squishier pillows are ideal for stomach-sleepers. Parachute carries bed pillows for every type of sleeper, each filled with down or down alternative fibers and encased in a breathable cotton shell.

For more information about choosing the best pillow and pillowcases for your dorm room, read on:

Pillow Guide: How to Choose the Right Pillow

Pillowcase & Sham Guide: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Bedroom

Twin-XL Mattress Topper and Protector

Since dorm room mattresses aren't typically the most comfortable, you're wise to come prepared with a mattress topper. The options from Parachute provide an additional layer of cloud-like plushness for the ultimate shut-eye experience, even thousands of miles from home.

If you suffer from allergies, you may want to get a mattress protector as well. The cambric cotton designs from Parachute go on like a fitted sheet and feature a tight weave to keep dust and other allergens at bay without compromising breathability.

For a deeper dive into toppers and protectors, take a look at Parachute's Guide to Mattress Toppers and Pads.

Dorm Room Duvets

Many college students opt for traditional duvets (or comforters) for their dorm room mattress. They're filled with insulating down or hypoallergenic down alternative and offer a fluffy, lofty, sleeping-in-a-cloud vibe. Available in extra-long twin, the duvet inserts from Parachute are designed to go in a washable duvet cover, making it easy to keep your bed clean, even with heavy use.

Check out Parachute's Guide to Duvets and Duvet Covers for more details on inserts and covers.

College-Size Quilt

Another option is to get a quilt. Featuring a stitched batting fill, this type of bed cover is notably warm but lays a little flatter than a comforter, making it easier to tuck into a bed to create a pseudo sofa. Available in extra-long twin, the slightly overstuffed, sculptural quilts from Parachute are the best of both worlds, providing cozy insulation and loftiness without all the bulk.

Still not sure which option to choose? Read Parachute's Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets for more tips and insight.

Consider a Twin-XL Bedding Bundle

Who knew there were so many components of a bed? To keep it simple, you might want to get a bedding bundle from Parachute for all of your dorm room bedding needs. Not only will you cross off multiple items from your college dorm checklist, but you'll also get a discount for buying them in a set.

Extra-long twin starter bundles include a fitted sheet, a duvet insert, a duvet cover and a standard pillow. You'll have the option of adding a top sheet, plus you can choose the density of your comforter and the firmness of your pillow. Parachute also offers insert sets, which come with a duvet insert and two standard pillows.

Decorative Pillows and Throws

When you live in a dorm, your bed is your home base, acting as an on-campus haven for hanging out, streaming your favorite show, reading and recharging. That's why you'll want to make it as comfortable as possible, not just for lying down but also for sitting, reclining and cuddling up.

Enter: decorative pillows and throws. A couple of square Euro pillows will make a big difference in the plushness of your bed. Two standard bed pillows can work as back cushions, though you might want to get a lumbar pillow or a body pillow. Tossing on a throw blanket will provide a versatile layer of warmth while adding a stylish finishing touch.


You know you need towels, but which ones are best for campus living? With storage limitations in mind, you'll want something that doesn't take up a lot of space, like the Waffle Towels from Parachute. Woven from premium long-staple Turkish cotton at 240 grams per meter with a textured honeycomb weave, they're notably lightweight and quick-drying.

Learn more about the right towel for your college dorm room in the Best Towel Materials & Size guide.


Woven from pre-shrunk cotton with a top flap and rubber buttons, the machine-washable Canvas Hamper from Parachute doubles as a laundry bag. What's more, the sturdy metal frame collapses for easy storage and transport.

Wool Dryer Balls

Unlike living at home, doing laundry in the dorms usually means you can't leave until it's finished. To speed things up, reach for a few wool dryer balls. These naturally sourced laundry companions can cut drying time in half and make your loads softer, fluffier and less wrinkled while they're at it (and yes, dryer balls really work.)


An area rug is one of those dorm room essentials that really enhances the overall look and feel of your space, making it more welcoming while adding warmth, insulation and character. Though you might have to consult with your roommate about the design, Parachute carries several versatile rugs in neutral hues that most people can agree on.

Learn more about styling with rugs in our guide, 17+ Rug Styling Ideas for Your Bedroom.