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Travel Essentials for a Weekend Getaway

Travel Essentials for a Weekend Getaway
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Laure Joliet for Parachute
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Few things excite us more than spontaneously booking a weekend away. Somehow these quick, whirlwind trips manage to pack in twice the amount of fun in half the time than a full vacation. Having all of the right travel gear is essential, especially for these short, impromptu trips. So we put together a list of 9 weekend getaway accessories to grab before you go.

Monogrammed weekend bag

Weekend Bag

The perfect bag keeps all of your gear organized. We like Paravel for their chic luggage/duffle bag hybrid factor. Their signature main line duffel bags easily fit everything you need for a few days away from home. They make an assortment of styles and sizes, including ones that easily tuck into the overhead compartment of an airplane (pro tip: Don’t ever check a bag for a weekend getaway; you don’t need one!).

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

We might be biased, but our Merino Travel Kit is the perfect getaway companion. It includes a yummy throw to keep you cozy in transit (and can be used as a picnic blanket should the opportunity arise). Also featured in the kit are an eye mask to help you sleep anywhere and a lined carrying case that doubles as an airplane pillow cover (how clever). Toss the kit into your bag and pull it out on the plane, train or when you arrive at your destination.


Never leave home without a good pair of headphones. Even when hopping in the car for a road trip, you’ll be thankful for headphones when winding down at night or when heading out on a morning run. Our pick: Beats by Dre wireless headphones. They may be large, but most importantly, they’re super comfortable.

Cord Organizer

It’s impossible to take any sort of trip these days without all of our tech gear essentials. This handy leather case from This Is Ground keeps all of your cords and chargers organized and easily accessible.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir face mist

Face Mist

Speaking of skincare, travel is notoriously tough on your skin and a face mist is recommended. Try Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This multi-functional toner/make-up setter/refresher/natural spray is loaded with essential oils and smells amazing. It amplifies the benefits of your skincare ritual while nourishing, smoothing and brightening. Use your face mist several times throughout the day when you need a pick me up. Great for the airport or on the road.

Audible Membership

As a bedding brand, it’s no surprise that we are huge fans of Audible at bedtime. For road trips, listen to a book with your travel buddy or family. Audio books also help you relax when stuck at the airport, on a train or falling asleep at night in unfamiliar surroundings.

Leather pouch

Leather Pouch

A leather pouch keeps the important stuff in order, like printed travel confirmations, your passport, cash, keys or anything else you need to keep safely tucked away. Cuyana has lovely options for the ladies and This Is Ground’s Stash, Phone Wallet is great for both men and women.

Woman in pajamas sitting in bed.

Comfy Pajama Set

When traveling, it’s always nice to have a few things with you that will remind you of home. A beautiful set of pajamas ensures you get a good night’s sleep wherever you are in the world. Sloan has sets and separates that are chic, soft and versatile depending upon your environment.

Water Bottle

Who knew that water bottles could be so darn stylish? A glass bottle from Bkr might not seem practical for travel, but the rubber cover actually ensures that your H2O stays safe and sound at all times – plus it’s better for the environment. Staying hydrated never looked so good.