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8 Rules of Wedding Gift Etiquette, With Zola

8 Rules of Wedding Gift Etiquette, With Zola
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Our friends at Zola spend a lot of time thinking, talking and getting excited about wedding gifts – so much so that they’ve revolutionized the registry experience. And while their website makes gifting easy (and fun), it’s no secret that with every wedding invitation comes sleepless nights. Flights, hotels, dress and presents can add up quick (cue flashing dollar signs) and making matters more complicated is a lack of a contemporary etiquette guide. We’ve covered how to be the best wedding guest ever and now Zola is sharing their foolproof rules of gifting etiquette. Take note...


Shop the Registry

Purchase a gift from the couple’s registry whenever possible. Remember: They’ve put in a lot of time and care into creating a registry of items that they truly want and need for their life together as newlyweds and beyond. At Zola, we carry over 500,000 gifts from 500 of the most-beloved brands such as Le Creuset and (of course) Parachute. We’ll help you find the perfect gift – one that you’ll be thrilled to give, and that the couple will be delighted to receive.


Send a Gift Before the Wedding

Surprise the bride and groom with a thoughtful gift before the ceremony! In case you forget or can’t afford to do so in the moment, aim to send a gift no later than three months after the wedding date. While some say that you have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift, we suggest you err on the side of politeness and punctuality and try to stick to the three month rule.


Ship, Don’t Carry Your Gift

Ship your gift to the couple’s chosen address on their registry, rather than carrying a physical gift to the wedding. Besides having to remember to schlep the gift home at the end of the night, some couples might not have a designated spot at their reception for physical gifts; Meaning, they will have to figure out where to stash it during the merriment. At Zola, we make receiving gifts personalized and seamless by allowing newlyweds to choose when each gift from their registry ships. We’ll safely hold your gifts for you until you say the word!


Budget for 20-20-60

Is the thought of buying multiple presents freaking you out? Don’t panic – simply decide what you can afford, set one total gift budget per wedding and then divide this number however you see fit between the ancillary parties and the big day. We recommend the 20-20-60 rule: Spend 20% of your total budget on an engagement party gift, 20% on a shower gift and the remaining 60% on a wedding gift.


Do Group Gifting

So you’ve made it to the couple’s registry (yay!), and you’re psyched to get them something incredible – but then you glance at the price tags on some of their big-ticket items. Luckily, Zola’s group gifting allows the couple to dream big by letting guest split costs. Even if the gift isn’t 100% funded, Zola will ensure that the couple still receives whatever amount has been gifted.


Consider Cash Funds

Don’t be afraid to contribute to a couple’s honeymoon or cash fund if their registry includes this feature. While you might think that a cash fund is impersonal, couples have intentionally considered what they will need to start their new life together – and sometimes that means a fantastic vacation, a nest egg for a new home or being able to start their lives together debt-free. Include a personal note and the couple will be touched and grateful.


Can't Go? Still Send a Gift

Pretty simple: Send a gift even if you cannot attend the wedding.


Give From the Heart

Last but most importantly, a wedding gift is not about the amount of money you spend. It’s a sincere gesture of congratulations, so give the couple something that feels personal and meaningful to you. Write a brief, heartfelt note to accompany your gift that expresses how happy you are to be included in the celebration and your well-wishes for the couple on this special occasion.