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The Nightstand Series with Marjon Carlos

Marjon Carlos
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Shana Trajanoska
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Journalist, editor, public speaker, creative consultant, and host of Your Favorite Auntie Show – Marjon Carlos can do it all. We recently caught up with her to chat about living in New York, how she designed her new home, what’s on her nightstand, and more. 

Tell us about your night routine.

With the world as it is, my nighttime routine is all about turning my mind off and creating moments of ease. I first dim the lights and light a candle in my living room to fill my house with gorgeous aromas. I also recently invested in some wonderful, comfy PJs that I slip on or I just lie around in a big robe. I have been reading a lot as well so I’ll try to get through a few pages, have a great phone conversation with a friend where we download the day, or I’ll watch an episode of one of my current favorite shows (I’ve been loving The Gilded Age). 

What’s on your nightstand that you can’t live without?

Headphones and my Laniege lip mask.

What are you reading right now?

Heavy by Kiese Laymon and this new Henry Taylor coffee table book I just picked up!

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

A night owl trying to be an early bird. I lived in a very nocturnal home when I was growing up, so I am trying to break those habits.

Be honest, do you make your bed every morning?

I try! I learned the hotel method of making your bed recently and I love the way it looks, so I try to preserve that look as much as possible.

Tell us about Your Favorite Auntie Show!

I started Your Favorite Auntie Show in the summer of 2020 while in isolation. Like so many of us, I was spinning out due to the racial violence and health epidemic we were all experiencing, and I wanted to figure out a way to connect with people. I went live on Instagram one Sunday and the impact was immediate. I was totally stumbling along at first, providing advice and trying to figure out lighting, but soon a world began to build and I realized this was a way to help people. We all have that one cool auntie who is encouraging, warm, hilarious, stylish, and non-judgemental, so I like to think that’s what I’m bringing to the show and every piece of advice I dole out.  We’ve since brought on fabulous guests (Jenna Lyons, Christopher John Rogers, Sophia Roe, and Sean Garrette to name a few), grown into a newsletter, a dinner series, merch, Auntie Pro Tips, and I’m working on translating it into a YouTube show. 

What draws you to NYC living?

What I love about NYC living is just the feeling that despite being in this huge city, your neighborhood also feels like a small village where you know the local heroes and characters. My home is such a refuge from the demands of the city and it feels wonderful to come home to somewhere safe and cozy. I also love the independence living NY has afforded me: as a woman, that’s priceless. You move with confidence and intention in a world that often tries to keep us static.

Tell us about your home and design style. How has remodeling been going?

I was really excited to move into this space last year. It’s the first time I’ve lived by myself in years and I couldn’t wait to add my own personal touches. I wanted my space to reflect my tastes, passions and the things I cherish most. The first thing I bought was my vintage Togo couch from Home Union and then everything took shape from there. It’s very 80’s postmodernism overall, but there is a rich emphasis on brown and cream in the living room and I love how the chrome, glass, and burl wood all mix in there. I also center Black art throughout my home. Splashed across the walls are works by Kerry James Marshall, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, and I just purchased an Arthur Jafa print I can’t wait to frame. My dining area is sparse and simple with a glass-chrome dining table and a beautiful print from Carrie Mae Weems. My bedroom is coming together slowly but my boyfriend just built out a custom closet for me. It’s also chrome and glass, and I just adore it. There feels like a lot of synergy.

We see you have the Bluff Stacked Nightstand in Walnut, what drew you to this design?

I took a different approach and placed my Bluff Stacked Nightstand in my living room. I love how the woodwork and design plays off of the burl pieces I already have. Then I filled it with my favorite things: books and vessels.

How do you unwind at night or on the weekends?

I love pouring myself a glass of wine, slipping into some fabulous jammies and turning on some throwback Egyptian jazz.

What’s the best piece of design advice you’ve given or received?

Take your time when decorating. Don’t buy everything at once. You want to immediately buy things and fill your home, but you wind up buying rushed purchases. It’s a process to put your place together. And always measure things!

What’s next for you?

Such a big question! I’m currently working on my book proposal, evolving Your Favorite Auntie into a new iteration, and traveling more.