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The Best Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

The Best Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign
Written By
Amber Warren
Photographs By
Parachute Team
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While the ultimate gift of the season is that Mercury is no longer in retrograde (family events, office parties, daylight savings – who needs it?!), we're ready to rejoice in the people we love and shower them with gifts they're sure to adore. This holiday, we took to the stars to find the perfect gifts for each sign. From our favorite, and intense, Scorpios, to our sweet Cancers, here are the best gifts for each sign...  


As the first sign in the Zodiac, and a fire sign no less, Aries are passionate, motivated and independent. For the Aries in your life, who may need help blowing off some steam, gift them an Essential Oil Diffuser. A few drops Lavender oil and their space is instantly a stress-free oasis. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out.


Not ones to leave the comfort – and control – of their personal spaces, indulge your Taurus in the perfect night in. As the ultimate Netflix and chill sign, a Plaid Merino Throw gives the gift of curling up at home.


When it's unclear which side of your Gemini friend you're meeting for Secret Santa, come prepared with Wake and Sleep Aromatherapy Roll Ons, designed to naturally affect your mood. A dual purpose gift for someone with a dual personality.


As natural empaths, and the most sensitive of the Zodiac, Cancers are a huge emotional support to those around them. Give thanks by giving them rest. An ultra cozy Gauze Pajama Set signals to this sign to put their phone on do not disturb and relax the day away. 


Oh Leos. The vivacious and magnetic leaders of the Zodiac expect deserve a present befitting royalty. This year we're gifting lux Silk Pillowcases, made in collaboration with A.L.C., to help keep their iconic manes frizz free.


American writer and novelist, Pearl S. Buck once said, "There is no beauty without order."  And if that doesn't sum up the experience of a Virgo, what will? As the most practical and reliable Earth sign, Virgos are the backbone of the Zodiac. This year, pay tribute to the special Virgo in your life – and their Type A disposition – with a Windowpane Alpaca Throw, as neat and classic as they are.


Libras can have a hard time making decisions, so we made this one easy for them and you. A Cashmere Blend Robe can take them from the office to dinner and bed without ever having to make an outfit change!   


Lighting a flame is easy for this passionate sign. While Scorpios are forgettably water signs, their unpredictable and romantic nature gives way to an intense reputation. This holiday, let your Scorpio lean into their fiery ways with a Dusk Candle, perfect for moody nights in.


Is there anything a Sagittarius loves more than an adventure? This sign has a deeply rooted desire for change and exploration; It's only natural that they're obsessed with travel. Make their next red-eye more luxurious with an ultra comfortable Merino Travel Kit.  


The hardest worker of the Zodiac needs a great night's sleep in the softest sheets. The ambitious and occasional workaholics merit an exceptionally cozy night's sleep in Brushed Cotton. It's like sleeping in your favorite t-shirt.  


Aquarians are best known for dancing to the beat of their own drum. Assertive, analytical and compassionate, these friends and loved ones require a gift with thought and purpose – no waste, please. Gift your Aquarius a Handmade Ceramic Vase. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique – just like your favorite Aquarian – and perfect for placing tree trimmings and foraged greens (a constant reminder to protect our planet!). 


A plant-based bath salt line free of toxic, synthetic ingredients is the next best thing to swimming in the ocean for the Pisces, ruled by Neptune. The Sleep Time Bath Salts made in collaboration with OSEA are the ideal gift for keeping this sign relaxed and balanced.

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