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Fouta Stripe: Behind the Design + Styling Tips

Fouta Stripe: Behind the Design + Styling Tips
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Nicole LaMotte for Parachute
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Featuring clean, minimalist lines that are striking in their simplicity, meet our fouta stripe collection! These Mediterranean-inspired bath linens are absorbent, durable and understatedly cool. The Fouta Stripe Towels and Fouta Stripe Bathrobe are made of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton and constructed with a flat weave on one side and soft terry on the other. Find out how our Product and Creative teams brought clean minimalism to the bathroom.

Fouta towels in cream

First things first: What is Fouta? What is its history and how is it different?

Amy Hoban, Creative Director:Fouta is a piece of thin patterned cotton or linen fabric. Originally used in ancient Hammam spas and Turkish baths, this fabrication has been used for centuries. Today we see fouta as a version of Turkish towels, praised for their versatility and relaxed look.

Walk us through the design process.

Meghan McGrady, Product Development Manager :The fouta stripe is a completely new construction; it’s something our customers don't yet have. Previously we’ve only done flat or all terry towels, this is the first time we’re mixing them!

Amy:Made with a flat weave one one side, looped terry on the other, this is the first patterned towel we are introducing into our bath collection. We wanted to create something subtle with a nod to graphic elements.

How did you design these new products to fit within the Parachute aesthetic?

Amy:We designed this collection as a foray into modernism. It features a linear design while remaining neutral – perfect for pairing with existing Parachute bath linens!

Meghan:We designed the Fouta Stripe Bathrobe with more weight and texture – it’s slightly heavier than our other robes, a.k.a. very durable, but still has a similar look!

Fouta Stripe towels

Styling advice! How do you envision the fouta stripe collection interacting with our existing bath linens?

Ariel Kaye, Founder and CEO:Fouta makes a statement while being very understated. My favorite aspect of these products is the two textures – not only does it make it look amazing – it’s very functional. The simple pattern and unique weave compliment our existing bath essentials beautifully. Personally, I’ve been pairing the new fouta collection with my white Classic Towel Set.

Amy:Fouta is a such subtle statement piece. It would pair great with a Classic Towel Set in stone.

How does this collection convey modernism in the bathroom?

Hilary Sherman, Art Director:This collection is inspired by the simplicity of minimalism which lends itself to the greater movement of modernism. The fouta towels, while striking, are a multi-use towel that can be found in the bathroom or by the pool.

How did you decide on the vibe of this shoot?

Hilary:I wanted the vibe to feel calm and peaceful while also evoking the Mediterranean heritage of our fouta stripe collection. The home we shot at had a gorgeous brushed concrete wall that felt reminiscent of homes in Greece.

Amy:We lucked out with the space we shot in. It was naturally minimal and modern – the collection was right at home!

Fouta Robe

Describe Fouta in three words:

Ariel:Understated, cool and smart.

Amy:Stylish, functional and unfussy.

Hilary:Versatile, durable and modern.

Meghan:Clean, linear and sophisticated – but livable!