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Stitch Stripe: Behind the Design + Styling Tips

Stitch Stripe: Behind the Design + Styling Tips
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Nicole LaMotte for Parachute
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We’re in stitches over our newest limited edition: Say hello to our Stitch Stripe Duvet Cover Set, a matching duvet cover and shams featuring woven horizontal stripes for a traditional, handcrafted look. An easy way to update your bed, this duvet cover set pairs well with our entire assortment. Find out how our Creative Team earned their stripes by designing, styling and shooting this eye-catching Set.

The Design

Image of the stitch stripe bedding

What inspired the stitch stripe’s textured look and feel?

Amy Hoban, Creative Director:Our concept for Spring 2017 is modern eclectic, and this pattern upholds that theme beautifully. The design has an artisan feel but remains very contemporary.

How do the Stitch Stripe Duvet Cover Sets pair with our existing bedding?

Meghan McGrady, Product Development Manager:The duvet cover set comes in two colors: Grey with white stripes (grey white) and ivory with black stripes (ivory black). We’ve never done black in any medium! The ivory black pairs especially well with our coal linen bedding.

Amy:Both duvet cover sets look great when paired with white. It really pops and looks almost like the cuff of a crisp white button down shirt. Our goal is to design everything to be versatile. The ivory black colorway is probably the most distinctive combination we’ve done to date. However, it doesn’t require matching sheetsper se, because it fits with our entire assortment.

Stitch stripe bedding in white.

We’ve done pinstripes in the past. What is distinctive about the stitch stripes?

Meghan: We’ve always been interested in designing a horizontal stripe. Everything we’ve done so far has been vertical, so this was exciting! The horizontal stripe gives your bed a fresh look – when you pull your bedding back all the stripes and folds line up. It’s stunning!

Amy:It’s not an overpowering stripe. In the past, we’ve done more traditional – even preppy – stripes. With stitch stripe, we took a much more delicate and modern approach, achieved through the horizontal direction, spacing and stitching.

The Styling

Stitch stripe bedding on a bed

Why did you choose to create the Stitch Stripe Duvet Cover Sets in Percale as opposed to linen or Sateen?

Meghan: Linen and percale are the best spring and summer fabrics because of their weight. Having just debuted toast linen, it was best to do something in percale to balance out our bedding.

Amy:The stitch stripe would look good in linen. Sateen may start to be a little too boudoir…

What’s the best way to style the new duvet cover set?

Amy:We discussed before the shoot that the duvet cover set would pair best with our solid percale bedding. Both sets looked amazing with white, and they both looked gorgeous with slate. The surprise of the shoot was that ivory black looked so good with navy! It proved how many fresh looks you can get out of this collection.

Stitch stripe bedding on a bed

It looks like this set incorporates more props than usual! What inspired the look for this shoot?

Amy:We’ve actually been trying to simplify the shots because we want the focus to be on our textiles. It’s the stitch stripes that really give the appearance of a more detailed room! The design captures the eye and provides visual interest.

Meghan:P.S. Plants add a bohemian vibe and layered look!

Did you secretly (or not so secretly) want any of these props for your own home?

Amy:The marble side nightstand was amazing…and the chunky wood table was also a favorite. They’re all gorgeous!

The Shoot

Stitch stripe bedding on a bed.

Did the Stitch Stripe Duvet Cover Sets photograph easily? Did you have to use any special lighting techniques to capture the correct color?

Nicole LaMotte, Photographer:The Stitch Stripe Duvet Cover Set photographed beautifully – even with the subtle grey white. We got lucky, no special lighting techniques were required.

What was your favorite pairing to shoot?

Nicole:The ivory black with navy was definitely my favorite pairing for my own home…and to photograph (wink).

[Ed. note: This collection has sold out.]