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Spring Organization: An Expert Guide

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While this spring may look a little different, it doesn’t mean we should abandon the tried and true rituals of the season. This year our spring cleaning is set to revolve around making space and organizing our homes. Luckily, our Founder, Ariel Kaye has plenty of suggestions in her new book How to Make a House a Home on how to eliminate clutter to create wellness and joy.

Where to Get Started

Ariel reminds us that being organized doesn’t mean clearing away everything. Instead it’s about figuring out how your home helps you work efficiently. Reminder: spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done in one weekend. Instead, choose a room, closet or even a drawer to get started and build on that momentum.

Take Stock

Next Ariel suggests taking an inventory of your belongings and separating them by what you use daily, weekly and a few times a year. This will allow you to find a thoughtful place for every item, keeping things you use regularly easily accessible and storing away items that are only used on occasion. This is also a good time to donate or responsibly discard any items that are no longer useful in your home. 

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Make a System

Now that you’ve prioritized the items in your home, Ariel recommends storing your goods in baskets and bins to keep things organized and easy to find. For example, put all cleaning supplies in a large bucket under the sink, store extra towels in a decorative basket in the bathroom and arrange pantry items in glass jars to create a cohesive look.

The Benefits

After organizing your home, Ariel believes you will feel lighter and brighter and appreciate the items in your home even more. She likens organizing to working out – you never regret it. For more tips on organizing check out How to Make a House a Home and share with us your newly organized spaces!