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Simple Ways We’re Updating Our Self-Care Rituals This Month

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Our rituals look a little different these days. We’re learning and adapting as we go and with some extra time on our hands, we’re finding comfort in the slow down, focusing inward and identifying new rituals that are making us feel as good as we deserve. With the help of some of our friends, we’ve uncovered some refreshing new products, reads and resources we’re turning to for holistic self-care. 


HEALTH: Immune Support from Hilma

We turn to Hilma for remedies, clean, natural and backed by science. We love them because we can pronounce everything in their products and they support our mind-body system from sun-up through sleep. We rely on their Immune Support packets to keep our bodies strong especially during stressful times. This product has six essential ingredients -- like Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, Turmeric, and Ginger -- and is free of fillers, dyes, and has less than 1g of sugar. We take ours in cool, refreshing water every morning to kick-start a productive day. Immune health is a big job so don’t skip on capping your day with a restful night’s sleep. It’s when your brain does it’s best work like restoring proper function to your body and fending-off short and long-term illnesses. Not sleeping well? Try winding down with a journal exercise to get the thoughts of the day down on paper, turn on a mix of meditation or sleep stories (there’s nothing more soothing than having someone read you to sleep, try it!) and treat yourself to a lush eye mask. We also suggest blocking your work calendar for an afternoon nap. No one has to know.

*Hilma has generously extended 20% off to the Parachute community. Use PARACHUTE20 for all on-site purchases.


CALM: Rest Easy Elixir by Prima

The name says it all -- The Rest Easy Elixir by Prima is our go-to for some well-deserved shut-eye. And good rest has never been more important for our minds and bodies than right now. This is a 10mg CBD blend that comes in an individual-use powder beverage infusion. Inside is L-theanine to help calm and relax, and a blend of hops, valerian and passionflower to help enhance sleep quality and allow you to rest well. Beyond this Elixir, we’re obsessed with Prima’s Night Magic, Bath Gem and their overall approach to purity, potency, transparency and helping us stay balanced. Enjoy! 


POWER: Vibrating Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

We look to Lalah’s Instagram page every single morning to keep up with her daily affirmations. The wisdom and guidance she shares is helping us detox our lives and recognize our power. We’re also excited to be reading Lalah’s book as we speak, Vibrate Higher Daily. While we’re only a few pages in as we’re writing this, it’s said to help us become aware of the energy and life force that runs through all things, to help us take stock of what and who raises our vibrations; what and who doesn’t and how we become empowered when we choose what we give our attention to. Knowledge for a lifetime.


LEARNING: The Reemerge Course from THE WELL

If you aren’t familiar with THE WELL, they are your complete ecosystem for wellness, bringing together Western doctors and Eastern healers to collaborate and create best-in-class healing spaces, innovative products, educational content and programs. We are eternally grateful that they’ve added a new 3-part webinar program to their series of curriculum called Reemerge that is designed to guide us as we adapt to the new, unfamiliar world brought to us by COVID-19. An absolute must. Throughout the program, we learned new stress relieving techniques and how to build resilience in the new day-to-day. Highly recommended and at only $59, it is well worth the investment.


SKIN CARE: Clean Greens Face Mask by Golde

What’s not to love about Golde? This Brooklyn-based team makes superfood-boosted products for health and beauty from Latte Blends to Detox Kits and decadent face masks. Lately, we’ve been incorporating their Clean Greens Face Mask into our new skincare rituals and we couldn’t feel more refreshed. This mask is made with 100% edible superfoods featuring chlorella, spirulina, and mango juice. They call it, “a green smoothie for your skin.” It detoxifies while it clears and promotes glowing skin. A treat you and your skin deserve. Whip it up fresh and pair with a glass of water (or wine) before bed. 


PERIOD CARE: Sleep Shorts from Thinx

We’ve turned to Thinx for the last few years as a more sustainable option for period care. If you don’t know Thinx, they make stylish undies that absorb your period and can replace the need for tampons, pads and pantyliners. But, it’s their latest invention that has us resting extra easy: Sleep Shorts. We heard that people were raving about these shorts, so the Parachute team wanted to give them a try. These shorts fit like soft, comfy boxers but come with super absorbency -- enough for four regular tampons -- so we were able to cozy into our Parachute sheets for a night of sleep without leak anxiety. White linens. Zero leaks. With that, they thought they’d extend a generous gift to the Parachute family of $10 off any Thinx purchase using code Parachute10. We highly recommend Thinx for anyone with a period.