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5 Alarm Clocks so Chic and Functional, You’ll Actually Leave Your Phone Outside

5 Alarm Clocks so Chic and Functional, You’ll Actually Leave Your Phone Outside
Written By
Stephanie Lysaght
Photographs By
Anna Nunez
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We all know by now that we are not supposed to sleep with phones in our bedrooms, but most of us depend on the alarm. So here are five chic alarm clocks that will get you out of bed on time – even if you’d rather spend all day tangled up in your sheets.

Alarm clock


Mid-Century Modern

Don’t worry; having an alarm clock needn’t throw off the whole Danish Modern look of your bedroom. This one is actually a small replica of the clock that mid-century master Arne Jacobsen designed for Rødovre City Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1956. City Hall Alarm Clock.

Alarm-CLock 2



If you want to simplify your life and embrace a minimalist aesthetic, choose a cube clock. The Alume has an aluminum effect, but MoMA also sells wood veneer and colored versions. Alume Cube Clock.

Classic alarm



Whoever said time is money definitely owned a Tiffany & Co. alarm clock. This sleek, beautiful, Roman numeral clock would make a great gift for someone you are nuts about. Round Alarm Clock.

Digital alarm



Leave it to Sharper Image to take the humble alarm clock to the next level. In addition to the alarm, which wakes you up in the morning, this “Sleep Sound Therapy System” also has an array of soothing sounds to put you to sleep at night. Think about it; if you fall asleep quickly and easily, you will wake up quickly and easily too. Smart! Sleep Sound Therapy System.

Vintage alarm



There are lots of cheesy-looking “retro” alarm clocks on the market, but this L.L.Bean clock looks genuinely vintage — and that’s because it kind of is. The design has been around since 1952; it’s just been updated with things like a USB port. But don’t use that USB port! Moonbeam Alarm Clock with USB Port.