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Bedtime Routines

Norah Jones, Singer and Songwriter

Norah Jones standing in front of the Parachute store.
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Photo Courtesy of Norah Jones
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Singer and songwriter Norah Jones just released her holiday album, I Dream of Christmas, and the video for the current single, Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones) features none other than the Parachute Brooklyn store! We love seeing her cruise around our beloved Williamsburg neighborhood – she’s a fan of all the amazing restaurants just like us. We had the opportunity to sit down with Norah to learn more about the inspiration behind the new record as well as the holiday traditions that make her family feel comfy and cozy all season long. Best of all, Norah shares her go-to gift for family and friends this Christmas, the Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

As a musician, you are stimulated by beautiful melodies and lyrics every day. What do you do at night to clear your mind and relax before bed?

I don’t know that I hear music all day every day, but it definitely is a big part of what goes on in my brain!  When I’m in bed I’m definitely unable to hear or think about music, otherwise I’ll go into overdrive and be up all night.  So I like to read before bed.  It’s really the only quiet time in my house to focus on a book anyway and it takes me out of my head and into another reality which helps me sleep like a baby. 

As you decompress and unwind at home what’s playing on the speakers? Tell us your evening playlist.

During dinner I love listening to all kinds of music, but each night has its own mood.  Last night it was Brazilian music from the 1960s, Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, etc.  

What is your go-to midnight snack?

I lean towards the salty, so I usually go for a second helping of dinner if I’m up late and hungry.

You’ve spent your life on the road playing to big crowds, how do you adjust to sleeping in new places? What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I do ok sleeping in new places as long as the pillows aren’t too slushy.  If I can’t sleep I try to read to get my mind off of reality or do a little meditation.

The contents of a bedside table can reveal a lot about a person – what items do you have on yours?

Earplugs, water, my kindle, and some chapstick.

We are loving your holiday album! What inspired this collection of songs?

Thank you! I was really loving Christmas last year because it was something to look forward to with my kids and when January came I missed it.  There was no touring for me this year so I was looking for a way to be creative at home and started entertaining the idea. Once I made some Christmas playlists I couldn’t stop thinking of ideas and got really excited. My whole year was about Christmas music!

The lights, the food, the time with family all make the holidays special. What brings you joy during this season?

I love to just relax, turn the computer off, eat and listen to good music with family and friends.  It’s a great time to be thankful and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

Your new music video is very clever and fun. We love that part of Brooklyn so much we laid down roots and opened our own store! What was the best part of frolicking in our Williamsburg neighborhood?

My favorite thing in Williamsburg is to eat. There is incredible food in that neighborhood.

Tis the season to give and receive. What is your favorite Parachute product to gift to family and friends and what makes it special to you?

A good robe is hard to beat and it’s a luxury that anyone can enjoy. The Cloud Cotton Robe is like giving a warm hug to your friends or family.

We’re looking forward to holding our loved ones close this holiday season – a warm hug, brushing elbows at the breakfast table and cuddling up under a cozy throw. What traditions do you most look forward to on Christmas morning?

I always make biscuits and sausage with gravy, it’s the Texan in me.  A lazy breakfast with music and kids squealing about Santa is about the best thing I can imagine.