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New Year, New Den: 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

New Year, New Den: 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Space
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Kristina Meltzer for Parachute
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Anew year is a chance to refresh and reinvigorate your living space. As we enter this period of renewal we find ourselves retreating to our instinctual need to nest. Much like animals who build secure dens to sleep, eat and raise pups, it’s inherently essential to our nature to focus on creating a safe and comforting place to call home. It’s pivotal to start the year in a nurturing space so we gathered simple ways to prepare our dens for a year of health, happiness and prosperity. Here’s what you need to know…

Clean Starts

The desire to nest, nuzzle, hibernate and huddle is coded into our DNA. This year, follow your instincts and make your habitat feel like home. Prepare your den for a fruitful year, start by clearing out cluttered spaces: nightstands, dressers, medicine cabinets, the dreaded junk drawers. Your home should be a place for ultimate relaxation which can be hard to achieve when physical clutter has a scientific impact on your sleep.

Refresh Your Sleep Space

It’s nesting season. Make yours warm and welcoming with snuggly layers in a monochromatic palette. White bedding is the ideal color to maximize light and create the illusion of a larger space and adding layers will give your bed depth and texture and create an inviting welcome at the end of each day. Don’t forget to replace any worn, tired and discolored bedding with a fresh set.

Keep Stock of the Kitchen

Dens are meant to be nurturing spaces. None of which can exist without a space to nourish yourself. Take stock of your kitchen and dining areas and purge what isn’t useful or taking up too much space. Whether it’s your pantry, tupperware drawer or freezer – remove and replace with healthy foods and waste-free packaging so you can better your home, self and planet over the coming months. 

Create Cozy Corners

A sofa covered in creature comforts like fuzzy alpaca throws and accent pillows creates a cozy place to recharge. Much like the rest of the house, sifting through items you no longer need or find useful and exchanging for purposeful and comfortable essentials will make your home more meaningful. Being mindful of  your home creates spaces to be mindful in your life.