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Parachute x Jenni Kayne: Behind the Design + Styling Tips

Parachute x Jenni Kayne: Behind the Design + Styling Tips
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Nicki Sebastian for Parachute
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An arbiter of good taste, Jenni Kayne gets the relaxed, luxurious look we love. So when we approached her about a design collaboration and she agreed, we knew the results would deliver a dose of California cool to the home. Get the 4-1-1 on the Parachute x Jenni Kayne collection – and how to style it at home – from the founders themselves.

The Design

Parachute x Jenni Kayne Pillows

How did you and Jenni first connect – and how did this collaboration come together?

Ariel Kaye, Founder and CEO:I admire Jenni’s ability to design modern, minimalist pieces and to curate beautiful, well-made lifestyle brands for her customers to discover. We approached Jenni about a collaboration, and once we shared our initial ideas, it was a seamless process!

Describe the design process. How do you typically share the work when partnering with another brand?

Amy Hoban, Creative Director:We invited Jenni and her team to our Venice Beach headquarters for a design presentation. Both brands share a similar aesthetic and an appreciation for quality, so we were on the same page from the start. Following our initial presentation, it became a collaborative process with Jenni sharing her input and personalized touches – like adding the four-inch fringe to the throw.

Blanket on a rocking chair

The Collection features a Striped Linen Duvet Cover Set and super duper soft Fringe Alpaca Throw. How did you land on these items?

Meghan McGrady, Product Development Manager:Jenni was game for designing bedding from the start! She carries an assortment of home goods in her stores, but this is her first foray into bed linens. The throw really rounds out the collection and is the perfect accessory for any room in the home. We ensured the vibe and color palette of the pieces worked for both brands.

Describe the Parachute x Jenni Kayne collection in two words.

Jenni Kayne, Designer: Organic and neutral.

Ariel:Effortless. And timeless.

Amy:Comfortable and luxe.

Meghan:Chic yet laid-back.

What makes stripes and linen so timeless?

Jenni:Linen is such a high quality, natural fabric. I love incorporating it into my home. And stripes never get old!

Amy:Linen is a fiber as old as time and stripes can be interpreted in so many different ways – it’s a classic pairing! The stripes in this collection are the narrowest we’ve offered, and they add just the right amount of visual interest.

The Styling

Jenni Kayne

Styling advice time! Which sheets do you recommend pairing with the sets?

Ariel :You can’t go wrong with white linen paired with either colorway.

Amy:The ivory with granite looks really nice with our slate percale sheets – it makes the stripe pop. For the granite with ivory, I think white linen always looks great.

The Shoot

Jenni and Ariel

Describe the vibe of the shoot.

Nicki Sebastian, Photographer:Every shoot with Jenni and her team is laid-back and just plain fun. This gig was no exception. The house was filled with creative women (with great senses of humor, I might add), and each shot was the result of our combined efforts and ideas playing out in real time.

Amy:Fun and freewheeling. One of my favorite moments was watching the interview between Jenni and Ariel and hearing them speak about their brands. It was very uplifting because they both put so much heart and energy into creating something special.

Nicki, you shoot for many female-founded brands, including Mother Mag, Cup of Jo, Dôen – and Jenni Kayne and Parachute, of course! What draws you to working with women and why is it an important part of your work?

Nicki:I think it goes without saying that I identify with the women I photograph (and collaborate with) because I, too, am a female-founded business of sorts. The real draw for me, though, is gaining inspiration and hearing the stories of other like-minded creatives. My shoots tend to go beyond just breaking out the camera and clicking a shutter button. I get to share successes and struggles, talk motherhood and work/life balance, and forge real friendships with these incredible women and their respective teams. I don’t work in a traditional office setting with a built-in group of co-workers, but I count these ladies as my colleagues and my community.

[Ed. note: This collection has sold out.]